Bitcoin exchange BTCChina announced they will stop all trading on September 30th and the markets are getting CRUSHED. Is this the perfect time to buy, are we in the midst of a massive correction, and is Crypto Bobby tired of talking about China (Yes, I am).

Let’s talk about it in today’s video.

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  1. william mckeever
    william mckeever says:

    JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon perpetrates FRAUD…. Lock him up.

    NO joke check out all the FINES the SEC has levied against JP Morgan under Jamie Dimon's reign.

    Talk about a Fraudulent and Criminal Enterprise its Dimon's JP Morgan.

    JP Morgan takes counter positions against its clients, a big time conflict of interests and guess who loses?

  2. Hbasm
    Hbasm says:

    My two cents:1) You and other youtubers are showing us the linear charts rather than the logarithmical ones. To newcomers like myself, this make things look worse than they really are, because it makes it seem like the price of bitcoin exploded in recent months and prior to that almost laid dormant (except for the highs in 2013). But this is wrong. Bitcoin has been on a steady rise since its conception. These recent events doesn't change the overall trend at all. I say that because the actual price of bitcoin doesn't matter from a trading/investing perspective; it's the percentage gain/loss that matter (as well as the degree of volatility). Only the logarithmic charts will show you the latter. Also, when you zoom out, it becomes clear that we are merely hitting a small roadbump here, so far at least, it is nothing special in the overall life of bitcoin. So if you bought in at +$4000 you may be in the red for a couple of months (unless you take some sort of action) but next year, bitcoin may well be back above $5000. We can't know this for sure, cause we can't predict the future, and new government regulations could have an impact.2) I found out recently that there's an altcoin called nubits that acts as a sort of safety measure if things get worse. It's different from other altcoins who typically go down along with bitcoin to some extent. Nubits, on the other hand, goes up if bitcoin goes down, and vice versa. It's a built-in feature. So if you feel SURE that bitcoin will go down hard and don't want to convert back to USD (or any fiat currency) you can temporarily buy nubits. Then you can sleep knowing you won't lose your money. But if you wake up the next day and find that bitcoin went up 10%, of course, you didn't benefit from that gain either. So use with caution.

  3. Banderson9988
    Banderson9988 says:

    I think you are over emphasizing the impact that China had in this correction. The market is BEGGING for a reason to sell off their profits. Most massive bull runs (BTC – 1800 to 5k in 6 weeks) have a 50-80% pullback. This is just a natural correction coupled with alot of FUD

  4. Anomaly 123
    Anomaly 123 says:

    on a positive note. this will drive a lot of weak hands away from the crypto market which is good for crypto in the long run. Bitcoin should just ban China tbh. Nevertheless this ban/shutdown is only temporary as regulators are just trying to catchup to the market.

  5. Phil Razzi
    Phil Razzi says:

    How many times do we need to hear that China, China, China is not interested in crypto? How many times in the last month has it affected the market? Just crazy. So go away China.


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