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17 replies
  1. Lisnic Vitalie
    Lisnic Vitalie says:

    Doge is scam. It was released as joke, not as quick cripto. It was anonced in russian forum. It was released a year after quick currencies like WDC, FTC…
    It don't have future with zerooooos in blockchaine (After comma also 8 zeros 🙂

  2. Benjamin Wood
    Benjamin Wood says:

    I like what you are doing, and these kind of tutorials are much needed in this space (especially because I don't want to make them and I get tired of people asking me for advice) but there is an additional factor that I think you should speak a little on. Maybe you already use this tactic and keep it out of your videos or maybe you don't, but I have what I believe is another key factor for analysis that I primarily use and has helped my portfolio gain over 1000% in 3 months.


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