Over the seven days, the crypto market has performed quite well with BTC up 18%, ETH up 26% and strong performances from EOS, ADA, OMG and others up over 50%. Have we found the bottom of this market towards with the tax issue behind us? Let’s also talk about the Coinbase acquisition of Earn.com and the Ian Balina hack that’s become quite big news.

Coinbase acquires Earn.com

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  1. Anton Kudryavcev
    Anton Kudryavcev says:

    This exchange has unique conditions, I have never regreted that make the trade here. Hitbtc always keeps high ratings on trade turnover. The exchange has been operating since 2013 and has already earned respect in trading circles.

  2. Эвелина Полякова
    Эвелина Полякова says:

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  3. Eth Ledger
    Eth Ledger says:

    Bob, stop being such a putz!

    All that's happened is a handful of the whales have manipulated the price of Bitcoin up a little so they can cash out more. I'm sure the Soros Fund and other have had a blast seeing a 20% return in two weeks while crypto donkeys like you think there's some magical turnaround in this fake market. You and your herd of jug headed fools are going to get burned again and again and again! All that gel is starting to clog your brain man!

    As far as the 'Alt Slugs' go, you realize that when an Alt Slug has a 'market cap' of $100 million and only $10 million are in circulation that it's just the fraudster promoter bidding up the original $1 million of Alt Slugs himself to scam jug heads like you right? I mean you do realize that the Alt Slug market is nothing but a giant penny stock ponzi, right Pizza Hut Bobby?

  4. Fire Up
    Fire Up says:

    Balina is a crypto evangelist, he makes rap songs, documentaries, does interviews on TV, all to promote crypto……
    Him faking a hack would go against his whole ethos in this space.

  5. Rules For Rebels
    Rules For Rebels says:

    I think coinbase was a right place right time first mover advantage success. Nothing against them props to them but the fact they are in a regulated industry with a high barrier to entry which has helped them maintain their position of success

  6. John Carman
    John Carman says:

    Yesterday everybody was saying we can not hold the $8000+ level and unfortunately I listened to that advice and sold last night at $8050 and than the price jumps to $8400+… today everyone is talking bull market… today the price is hanging around $8100

  7. NascentSats
    NascentSats says:

    Bobby, did you have to pay taxes on gains that you DID NOT realize in fiat? Example, if you held Bitcoin and Bitcoin increased 50 percent but you never cashed out into Fiat, did you have to pay taxes on that gain because it's considered property?


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