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43 replies
  1. Jai Sal
    Jai Sal says:

    dude. You are a GREAT TEACHER —— BUT . ——–

    YOU TALK PURE NONSENSE for the first 40% of all your videos. Please get straight to the title of the video? We're all adults here

  2. Tudor Toma
    Tudor Toma says:

    Great video. Thanks.
    @Suppoman: How do you choose the particular window/candle interval for studying the trend? and How often do you do this for a particular coin?
    Thanks in advance for helping me understand.
    PS: I might join your groups as well, looks like a nice community 🙂

  3. Tips RacK
    Tips RacK says:

    Can you please tell me where do you buy your Cryptocurrency? An Exchange? i have checked the reviews for some of the famous Exchanges Like Cexio, bitbay ,poloniex and they aren't good.. a lot of user have complains about their services .And My country is not on coinbase supported countries (for buying and selling) .So Can you please suggest a good Place to buy Etherium .. Thanks…

  4. DiggerDugg
    DiggerDugg says:

    awesome vids !!! a lot of help!! one question, how do I or what is the graph called where you an see the (m and w) patterns ( on the bottom of your coinigy graph and polo aswell??

  5. Prima Truck
    Prima Truck says:

    I am sorry about the newbie question, but if someone with more experience in the cryptotrading can give me a hint… I am wondering if you buy one of the less popular coins at a price of let's say 0.0005555, and then it doubles in value in a week, and you want to sell, is it correct to assume that in reality there is always someone interested to buy at the current market value, or you may have to wait indefinite time since not very many people would be familiar (therefore interested) in a currency from the bottom of the column?

  6. Callan Turley
    Callan Turley says:

    I'm as new at this as most of you watching. But's it's easy to see this guy has no idea and is just reading google to you. Seriously, read the internet yourselves. Download a book on Technical Analysis yourselves, you would learn so much more in half the time and probably do better at it too.

  7. Drag Videos Australia
    Drag Videos Australia says:

    I have only just started watching your clips and to be honest im writing this with bloodshot eyes after only getting 3 hours sleep due to the clips haha .. Thanks for all your tips and advice and talking people through what and how to read the charts etc !! If i had the spare money i would donate so hopefully my cryptos pay off and ill be able to return the favour !! Thanks again for your time !

  8. Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez says:

    what an amazing video!! can you please keep doing videos like this technical analysis on the best coins just like 2 more videos it would be helpful for the ones that are trying to learn like me. thank you.

  9. Yonas K
    Yonas K says:

    this may be a dumb question, but on the long position does the green % mean I make that percent of what I put in where the red % is how much of what I put in that ill lose if it hits that point. thanks to anyone that can clarify this for me. (eg: if I buy $10 worth and I hit 50% green, I made $15?)

  10. Piotrek Jazz
    Piotrek Jazz says:

    If you count the SC circulating supply (market cup/price) beginning 2016 vs. now you will see that anybody who had it in that period was robbed by SC 3X and now is saved by new losers. Steem seems even worse in that sense

  11. Jordan Quicken
    Jordan Quicken says:

    Hello Suppoman,

    Is there a place where you share live your Buy and Sell orders ?

    In the video you sayed that you placed an order. But is it possible to follow at the same time your investments ?

    That would be great.

    Best regards


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