BIG CRYPTO NEWS! 🔥 Wanchain best buy price, Trinity scaling for Ethereum & More?



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21 replies
  1. Christian
    Christian says:

    Hilarious your comparison! Trinity has been launched when the total market cap was literally collapsing. Otherwise Trinity is a protocol and not a blocckchain project (historicly blockchains perfom way better than Dapps or protocol). Furthermore Wanchain has already released its mainnet 1.0. That's mean that Wanchain is on the same stage as Icon (which has been traded a lot earlier as a kind of "futur" on HitBTC and has realeased its mainnet some weeks after Wanchain). The "delay" has been due to legal stuff to be fully compliant with the upcoming regulation (which is a good signal about the team expertise and the long term vision). In an honest comparison Wanchain would have been compared to Icon. They are both part of the same alliance and I personnaly think that Wanchain has more potential of growth (but that's only my opinion).
    I sure that you knew what I just write down. Your video looks like you're trying to dump WAN price to get an entry point as cheap as possible.
    You're an influencer with all yours youtbe followers… I'm not sure that your advices are always disinterested opinions.

  2. Zaid Roberts
    Zaid Roberts says:

    Utrust is good, but the biggest mobile point of sale solution for merchants to accept ANY form of payment is Beluga Pay and they already have accreditations from both Mastercard and Visa with an existing business.

  3. Ralph Raymond
    Ralph Raymond says:

    Hi Michael..want your honest thoughts on Ncash and Wanchain.

    I do like the Nucleus Vision project but am really concerned about the company's PR strategy. They have posted 4 videos-two of which are simply appalling and one would think they would have enough funds at their disposal to hire a good marketing team?? They're also only working with 10 'mom n' pop' type retail establishments in India currently when they could be signing better deals with at least one household name….India is the fastest growing market in the world and hence this does raise question marks…

    Secondly Re:Wanchain, another excellent project but two of their advisors on their website have their faces blacked out and are wearing hoodies??

    You can probably tell that I like more professional companies that portray themselves better like Ripple, NEO and Cardano- maybe I need to think differently in the crypto space. HELP! THANK YOU!!

  4. Sanjar Hosseini
    Sanjar Hosseini says:

    Bar is changed voor tbar, the price on cmc is not the right one. Plz research this and give the right information the next time. We invested in this and if it was dead it was your right but it’s not.

  5. Richard Sipos
    Richard Sipos says:

    If binance reaches the fiat gate and decentralization, other exchanges will loose the sence. One internet disadvantage is that winner takes it all. But ethos is a little different. What do you think , how it will effects ethos?

  6. MadAboutHistory Cryptomad
    MadAboutHistory Cryptomad says:

    hi mate, i watch every vid u put out, love your content and yaself of course lol, can you mention tron in next vid please, I bought 12k of em at 0.003cent, do u think it will do well in near future, thanks, also I bought wanchain at $4.08 do u think I should of waited for a dip or will it continue to rise? cheers, supppoman is the best on youtube by far when comes to great content :}


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