This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. In this round of news, we look china enforcing more regulations to block cryptocurrency platforms that allow centralized trading. Indonesia Central Bank says that cryptocurrency payments ‘Not Legitimate’. Bitcoin Prices Gather Upside Traction. Could we see $15,000 or more soon? Only 20% Bitcoins Left To Be Mined. Will It Send The Cryptocurrency Soaring? Why Ethereum is here to stay and why it will be big in the future. World of Ether early egg sale has begun. We also have a look at updates on Safex, INS, DASH and NEM


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  1. Ace Stojevski
    Ace Stojevski says:

    This is nothing, no need to panic. FUD doesn't do shit but scare the little players, countries will soon realise that a tokenised economy will cut costs for us/them, we will & they will make more money, that realisation is there but they're just trying to slow it down. We'll hit 1 Trillion by Feb/March, end of the year easily 3T, blockchain is the future, if that's not clear to any human, they are blind. HODL & be rewarded with life changing money & financial freedom by no later than 2019/2020. Enjoy your lives.

  2. Ro Man
    Ro Man says:

    @Altcoin Buzz What do you guys think of XRB? I've been on their web page,have seen some videos about it and i really like their plan to be feeless, the scalability and 7000+ transactions per second,as XRP "only" is able of 1500 transactions per second.
    Plus: They will be listed on Binance pretty soon. I'm very excited about their project and would like to know who's with me

  3. Digiclear 333
    Digiclear 333 says:

    Check out Lunyr (LUN). It ONLY has a 2 MILLION coin circulating count. $100,000 market cap. $40 a coin at the moment. It’s an Ethereum-based decentralized world knowledge base which rewards users with app tokens for peer-reviewing and contributing information. I mean this is a sleeper if I ever seen one. Check this OUT!

  4. Jon Acevedo
    Jon Acevedo says:

    Hey Everyone, if you're big on electroneum, check out the TBIS ICO- Michael Solitaire who just joined ETN, is the CEO of this project. They currently have an ICO going on with a bonus.First of its kind offering decentralized web services, very low supply, only 60 Million total. 35 million limited in ICO. Get in Now. See referral links below. Have a look at the partnerships they have in the pipeline via their website. Also see the CEO's background. Hes been very successful in getting projects listed on larger exchanges. The reason why hes been picked up as an adviser for Electroneum!!


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