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41 replies
  1. Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts says:

    Suppoman, the main message I would say is, for those who are 80% or more down, don't sell if you can, because one day today or 2 years from now the markets will bounce. That said, I hope this channel matures as well, because often you are very bullish and I think we need a little less hype, and a little more reality. Some of your peeps are going to sell at a loss as most first time investors do. Less talk about 50k bitcoin and more talk about the fundamentals of the projects as this space matures will help too. Just my two cents because I know you are a smart guy and want the best for your community.

  2. Robert Vogt
    Robert Vogt says:

    Hi Suppoman, I noticed you aren't doing anything over at steemit. Could you magnanimously delegate your steem power to me. Please… Please.. BTW, I'm @robertvogt over there. Thanks! Also, I'll delegate it back to you at your request. I'm not lying about that. I can't lie or be dishonest. I'm a Seventh-day Adventist. 🙂

  3. RezGamingg Show
    RezGamingg Show says:

    Shaking the tree one more time me thinks .It's coming so hold or buy the banks are now playing a game to try and get the best coins and tokens for as little as they can.Crypto is coming everywhere.can't be stopped .PS Get some STELLAR NOW IN THE SALES,GEZ.

  4. Izzy Wizzy
    Izzy Wizzy says:

    But where will the money come from suppo? During the bullrun everyone was talking about, and buying crypto. But who is buying now? Most people that bought in during the bullrun are hodling or they already sold, and they probably will not put more money in again.

  5. Brenda Kepler
    Brenda Kepler says:

    That was just Beautiful! Thank you Suppoman! A true gentleman and such a kind uplifting man you are!!! Keep doing what you do, truly Amazing! Love the look today, quite a handsome man…suit, shades, pool/waterfall in the background…very nice!!

  6. mullera007
    mullera007 says:

    Thankyou Suppoman your passion and love is apparent. You are a staunch believer and we love you for it. Your voice is critical in these dark days. Alot of responsibility rests on your shoulders but I know you are the man to shine the light for the people to follow. You are the way shower. We support you, Andrew


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