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34 replies
  1. Maz H
    Maz H says:

    Hey Suppoman, just subscribed and watched your awesome video on Udemy. Are you still coding? I am thinking of given it up for a short while, and jump onto crypto trading..

  2. Rachel Kent
    Rachel Kent says:

    Dear Suppoman, I LOVE how steemed up you get in your videos – and…. I take you seriously! I bought Steem last Friday thanks to your recommendations. Thank you! Keep posting – I look forward to your views on cryptocurrency every day! 😊

  3. Andrew Cooney
    Andrew Cooney says:

    Do you have any predictions for a drop in steem? I would have bought some a few days back but i've got most of my money in digibyte and holding on. Had money in factom then took it out before it went up, so staying patient!

  4. Jonathan Tabaco
    Jonathan Tabaco says:

    I found steemit from your video, I enjoy it but my post get just as much traction as my FB posts 🙂 guess I'm too boring for the general public. their interface is good on my PC but very annoying on chrome on my Android pixel. once their user base is higher I think good content providers will be able make good money

  5. Khaled Saffar
    Khaled Saffar says:

    Steem is to buy on dip and sell when youtubers promote to people to buy. No 1 advice in Crypto space "don't leave your coins in exchange site". How people buy coins and hold it locked in Steem!!

  6. Jack Schrold
    Jack Schrold says:

    Just bought your course and I look forward to watching it ASAP. I have serious experience trading FOREX, stocks and options but I want to hear from another persons perspective in this new market. I would love to hear you talk about mining as well. I really think mining coins yourself should be part of the overall plan.


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