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  1. JonnyC321
    JonnyC321 says:

    Hey man, like your channel. Keep up the good work👍 your a very good presenter for crypto community.

    I was wondering if you could do a vid on etherium and it's close competitors.. like lisk, eos, nos….

    I think there all similar, but which one is the best technology wise?? And in your opinion, the best bet for a long term investment?

  2. Speaker F
    Speaker F says:

    Hi Nick, do you have a take on XZC (Zcoin)? It appears to have a solid team and XZC tops the CNY market often. I have trouble breaking down the features, but I think it is moving in a positive ideological and developmental direction. Store of value maybe?

    Also, have you looked into NEOS at all? It was around prior to the rebranding of ANS to NEO. I think they may have something to do with the MASS project as well but haven't had time to look into it in depth. The NEOS website has a relaxing homepage with wonderful scenery.

    Please keep up with the great videos!

  3. Bruce Ifer
    Bruce Ifer says:

    What do you think about FUN? Seems to have a good team and the tech is above what the competition has at this time, but so many questions… large amount of coins, phase II release, etc. Thanks

  4. Rod Panhard
    Rod Panhard says:

    I would imagine everyone will be selling other cryptos to buy and move Bitcoin into a position where they get Bicoin Cash, and when the dust has settled the Bitcoin Cash will be sold quickly and put back into BTC and the other cryptos.


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