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  1. didou dadi
    didou dadi says:

    Buy Stratis Now With Cheap Price 4$ Or Cray Later
    Stratis in The End 2018 100$+ why :

    Several nodes : 250k Masternodes around 20, 10k nodes would lock up lot of STRAT, Dash's rise is mainly due to masternodes locking up most of the supply
    ICOs, STRATIS'S ICO Platform is unique in itself, would accept STRAT only, remember what happened to ETH during ico boom
    Breeze would tie STRAT price to BTC, as it was earlier, Breeze Nodes would earn operators Bitcoin, only masternodes to do so
    Finally, reaching out to enterprises, there were many big names interested in STRATIS'S technology when it was started, now that there tech is developed and those big enterprises show interest and adopt STRATIS, same will happen, that happened to ETH
    Forgot to mention that ICOs and Sidechains would themselves lock up STRAT further
    2018 is going to be a very good year for STRAT holders

  2. E- Mail
    E- Mail says:

    Everybody buy syndicate coins, new dev team comfirmed full relaunch around 13 June with new wallet, codes etc.
    They said we can atleast triple out money.

    if i helped u make profit send bitcoin to: 1Cm3jtZtW9zNfk65CMmZNUu1N3Wn5niD7k

  3. Raymond Janssen
    Raymond Janssen says:

    Appreciate the work you're doing thanks! What do you think about the view that people think Digibytes is overhyped because the Minecraft server is basically only an update and Minecraft isn't officially involved themselves, thus making the coin overvalued. Still worth it for long term?

  4. BradK
    BradK says:

    Sold half my DGB today, bought Steem @ $1.26.

    DGB has two things favoring its price in the next week, Citi tech for integrity challenge (June 8-9) and the Minecraft server on June 10th.

    Here's to hoping for a big roi!


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