We’re (only) a few billion away from half a TRILLION dollars in Crypto market cap. It’s been an incredible bull run across the board for Bitcoin, Litecoin (crushing it) and Ethereum as well. How long will this crazy run last and will there be a significant pullback? Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, had some interesting comments from historical pullbacks that upset some people, but it’s something you need to hear and understand.

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  1. My Crypto World
    My Crypto World says:

    Hey, just wanted to know when its time to turn your litecoin or bitcoin into fiat currency GBP, what is the best way? Transfer from coinbase into Gdax and then use bitpay wallet/card or bank withdrawal? From the UK the banks Natwest & Santander charge £20 to initiate the sepa deposit even if the payment is low €6 dollars. Is bitpay my best bet for getting my money/ currency from gdax? UK CUSTOMER Thanks! Great videos BTW

  2. Perihelion74
    Perihelion74 says:

    How the hell do I get my LTE off Coinbase so I can sell when the time is right?

    Coinbase will let me buy but not sell if I'm in Australia.

    I've asked this question a million times to others and no-one answers?

  3. cryptokook
    cryptokook says:

    You really mischaracterized Charlies tweet. Your summation was a reasonable warning of the risk involved in cryptos. His tweet predicted "years of bearish markets" for no reason. Your summary was a warning. His tweet was FUD and I really don't get why he worded it that way.

  4. Rick van Rath
    Rick van Rath says:

    6 trillion in 12 months, walles are comming; 2018 to the moon. I was at the Millionairfair and Masters of Luxery, and they where crazy about crypto! Bitcoin at least 60000+ eind 2018, Litecoin(then 5% of BTC price) 3000 dollar X10, BTC x5 minimum.

  5. plexed1000
    plexed1000 says:

    What Gives? BINANCE wont let me register. Wont let me include a password. Keeps asking for at least 8 digits in caps. No way to contact the company. Anybody having this problem?

  6. Alkoholwioslaidziwki
    Alkoholwioslaidziwki says:

    Random arbitrage opportunity: LTC (and some other crypto) prices on Bitfinex are up to 20% lower than in other places like Gdax. I can't jump on it myself because it's hard to move dollars for non-US citizens and the price difference is also consistent for BTC and ETH.

  7. evagoodspeed
    evagoodspeed says:

    somehow it's not even about the money anymore. it's like the a whole new philosophy …. almost like children playing a game .. and it is for sure a lot of fun!!! yes, you could loose the money that you won. but you can never loose all the stuff you learned. who else feels like the future they have been waiting for has finally arrived!!!


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