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26 replies
  1. Jason Elkins
    Jason Elkins says:

    Excuse this blantant shill but… Please for the love of God, review Lamden (TAU). It’s basically Microsoft Office for blockchain development. It is miles ahead of it’s competitors (Ark, Aion, Icon, Wanchain, Lisk, EOS, Dragonchain, etc.) and has only just been released to market (Etherdelta/IDEX) and is still cheap as chips. This video encapsulates it better than my spammy Youtube comment ever could.

  2. Pekoe
    Pekoe says:

    What a dilemma – there are so many coins I have not been able to afford (lately) and now I can but my cash right now is so darn low and what I transferred this morning still needs to be credited to my Coinbase account before I can use it. I hope you are making good use of the great entry points!

  3. Circle Tech
    Circle Tech says:

    If you think about it cryptocurrency is turning into the stock market. It's just instead of shares, companies issue "coins". Yes, these coins can be used in theory buy buying and selling goods or services, but nobody's gonna use 57 different currencies for buying bread at the store.

  4. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    DataDash NYC thanks you for your work! Tons of useful info as always. I also prefer the 30 min videos, please keep it up your real fans watch til the end!

  5. Joe Brian Egon
    Joe Brian Egon says:

    Hello everyone I just got my inheritance from my father and some of it were bit coins I really do not know what to do with them. I was advised to sell them, I am willing to sell them at $6800 , I feel I will get buyers faster through this medium. Mail me via joebrianegon1407@gmail.com if interested.

  6. notnight
    notnight says:

    Where to you recommend trading Everex? Struggling to find it on the exchanges I normally use. Thanks for great info.
    Making a Binance account as that would seem a good way to move forward.

  7. Decentralization
    Decentralization says:

    Nick. I'm one of the 4000 Dutchies. Always the first thing I watch in the morning with my coffee. I loaded up on Substratum and it has become my number 1 coin. I think this will be one of the big gainers after the fork. What's is your most promising after-fork gainer?

  8. Doug Nowak
    Doug Nowak says:

    Another ? Will the CME be able to manipulate the Bitcoin market when they begin trading futures and make the Big swings already happening become even more frequent and violent? Is it good or bad that CME will not purchase any BTC in your opinion?

  9. Doug Nowak
    Doug Nowak says:

    Nick I Love your insight into the crypto market and you explain everything so clearly. Was wondering if you could do a video explaining the differences of Bitcoin vs Litecoin. And could Litecoin be what Bitcoin was meant to be before all of the infighting and hard forks which is happening with the developers? Keep up the Awesome videos!!!!!!


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