I’m glad to be back 🙂 See you all soon!


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  1. Charles Patterson
    Charles Patterson says:

    People who are doing this and don't have a hardware wallet managed competently have waaay too much money anyway and need to pay more for their hasty foolishness. Just like anything else – one has to conduct the due diligent research. It is WORK.
    The security issues are the most important consideration here. I hope you are all aware of the top=down gaze over your shoulder (you are NOT alone) and there are a host of parasites ready to jump in and relieve you of your assets as they can (likely) do as they choose at ANY time. This is not a game for kids. I am not attempting to define anyone. You define YOURSELF.

  2. Josh T-H Æ News
    Josh T-H Æ News says:

    GLad you're not dead. Check out aeternity…unlimited scalabity, decentralized oracles bringing in real world data, mobile friendly even mobile mineable. Highly undervalued at only 90 million market cap

  3. Joshua Ude
    Joshua Ude says:

    You will not die! Your impact and blessing to this generation have just begun!
    I am praying that God will promote, prolong and preserve your usefulness to our generation.
    More grace to you, Nicholas.


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