According to the crypto twitter legal squad, Craig Wright might be in hot water following his court appearance today, where he purportedly broke down in tears. Also, Jamie Dimon recently sat down to discuss the competition in the crypto space.

Jamie Dimon on crypto:

Goldman Sachs on JPM Coin:

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  1. Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson says:

    He will never ever stop claiming to be Satoshi… why? because the real Satoshi, wanting to remain out of the limelight will never come out of the shadows. CSW is banking on that.

  2. Mant Aray
    Mant Aray says:

    Bobby desperately wanting CSW not to be Satoshi and never covering how he might be Satoshi. Never covering any of his amazing info he puts out never covering how BSV is restoring the original protocol and scaling and developments. Just go to Coingeek. BTC blockstream Lightning Network and shit coins no thanks. Did you know the whitepaper has a title? And peer to peer electronic cash system. What's BTC now? Looking like CSW gonna sell that BTC.

  3. Donny Rye
    Donny Rye says:

    Anybody else that starts a coin is centralized any bank Facebook any anybody that starts a coin will be centralized if it’s associated with a big business the government or in the bank it’s centralized Jesus Christ

  4. R James
    R James says:

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halvings getting closer ….🌬….🏝

    Looking forward to OKEx sponsored John Kim 77 Łitecoin Asian tour.

    1. Taipei, Taiwan 2. Hong Kong 3. Ho chi Minh, Vietnam 4. Kula Lumpur, Malaysia 5. Manilla, Philippines

  5. johnathan wetherill
    johnathan wetherill says:

    Do you honestly think that CW is so stupid as not to use the " I don't hold the keys " Defense . I think that a Billionaire can probably afford a expert lawyer and present a full proof case . If you look at CW he always looks like he is going to cry . How is he Fucked ? How was he embarrassed ? He just shut down their whole case . He cant give the Klienman's what he doesn't have access to since when Dave Died he took partial keys to the grave with him . Its genius and no one can possibly prove other wise .

  6. Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman says:

    it is most likely that "crypto companies" will be bought up and controlled by big money banks, if they prove to be valuable. Exchanges, ICO's, fiat crypto and tether coins will be largely merged into the current financial system, I can say with 98% certainty.

  7. Mike Daily
    Mike Daily says:

    Everything I’ve been hearing about how terrible it is for Craig in court – hasn’t been panning out. The most I’ve seen so far is the judge is annoyed, MAYBE he will get fined, and it seems like the opposing side agrees that he invented bitcoin. This is a big yawner so far.

  8. Zachary Willison
    Zachary Willison says:

    the issue is what is his intentions in impersonating Satoshi.
    I get gut feelings the guys trying to centralize bitcoin. Saying it will stop the anonymous crime behind bitcoin.
    If I am right we need to shut this guy down fast.


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