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36 replies
  1. Yani Marckx
    Yani Marckx says:

    Datadash maybe I'm crazy, but is it wrong to dream that ETH can go to a 10.000 million USD market cap? DEFI makes me so bullish. I believe it is even risk-reducing if you put some money into stablecoins, because bank accounts are only insured until a certain amount against default (here in Belgium up to 100.000 euro). Maker is a an amazing project and I think more similar projects will be released in the future. The only thing what is holding me back is a possible crisis. Maybe then venture capitalists will pull their money out of the crypto market.

  2. O
    O says:

    An interesting thing about ETHE, Nick… Even though there is a premium, I have actually been more profitable with ETHE than I have with ETH. Let me explain. Recent cycle low for ETH was $116. 12/16/19 on Coinbase. Current ETH price is $283 for almost 2.5X. The ETHE low price on 12/16 was $24. Current ETHE price is $95 for about 4X. I'll take that, premium or not.

  3. KatharinaReinhard
    KatharinaReinhard says:

    Nice video as usual, Bitcoin’s bulls are currently expressing absolute strength as they hold the crypto above the key $10,000 level, and it now appears that BTC is gearing up for the next major move that could send it significantly higher with a target at $14,000 before the halving due date. It's an indication to keep accumulating bitcoins now that it is still affordable and within the purchasing power of the ordinary person. My strategy has been trading and I have seen exponential growth using Kyle Watson trading strategy back by his most reliable trade signals and within 4 weeks, I had made over 51,000usd having started with just 1.7 BTC. This is one of the best things to ever happen to me and I am so fulfilled of his unrivaled service and can be reached on Telrgram (Kylwatson) Whatsapp+447427465172_* for inquiries about his trading services.

  4. TrunXo4
    TrunXo4 says:

    Hi Nicholas, would you say right now is still a good moment to invest alot of money into ethereum (non financial advice offc) or am i just to late, even tho you said most will invest when its around ATH, i do feel kinda stupid since its gone up so much already lately..

  5. O
    O says:

    WAX is coming. It didn't show up on your top 100 yet because it's right on the brink. It would have been at the top descending by % change. Think of WAX as a low cap version of EOS for gaming.

  6. J. D.
    J. D. says:

    Scored some Kyber the other day after realizing how seamless Kyberswap is as a place to get alts. Glad I did! There's so many amazing things happening around the Ethereum ecosystem it's mind blowing.

    Thanks for being on this wild and exciting journey with us Nick. We are all at the forefront of something that none of us can even imagine the scope of the impact of. '20 and '21 are gearing up to be legendary for crypto, but for ETH in particular, especially if 2.0 can roll out without a hitch.

  7. Maciej C
    Maciej C says:

    Another space where I see blockchain use very strong is blockchain as a source of data for AI learning. Imagine open systems, that produce data 24/7 to decentralized chains from which AI models can learn all the time, consuming new data, that is 100% true and confirmed. There is no sense to learn AI on data, that can be false or out of the context + manually "feeding" these models again and again. Instead, learning process should be seperated to consume new data from time to time from these blockchains (e.g. finance data, medical, transport, sales etc.) and after that, update the production released model with new, increased, updated accuracy. This also creates another demand for traditional systems, to be always connected and share their data to blockchain.

  8. Scott B
    Scott B says:

    I saw the info about the dash report. I went to your patron to see about signing up and supporting you and also getting access to your research. Is this where I would find this?

  9. Joe Brown
    Joe Brown says:

    datadash, what exchanges to you trade on? and how do you set up the exchanges. i am a US citizen and use binance us and coinbase pro. many alts that i am interested in like kyber network, are not on these exchages. any advice would be appreciated.

  10. R James
    R James says:

    Reminder of info from Film Producer Kyle Tekiela (Mudbound) below 👨🏾‍🌾

    COMMON ENEMY ©️ @CommonEnemyInc I have it on very good authority that a new documentary about #Bitcoin #Litecoin AND some of your favorite shitcoins will be coming out soon from a HUGE production company. Lots of positive visibility for mainstream audiences. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  11. MrFatilo
    MrFatilo says:

    DeFi is the new buzzword in the cryptospace.
    99% of all these 'revolutionary' "DeFi" projects have nothing to do with Decentralization and solid crypto and everything with Finance, mainly in the forum of financing the creators of the scam/trash project…

    One thing is certain, a lot of dumb greedy money will be flowing into an exploding number of new 'revolutionary' scams for years to come.

  12. 7lllll
    7lllll says:

    coinbase's 3 day hold hurt me so bad… i would have bought unibright at .0004eth, coinbase stopped me and i had to buy for .00065eth… lost 63% of my money, fucking hate it, coinbase needs to go to hell


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