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  1. yogi2001
    yogi2001 says:

    What do you think about Cloakcoin (CLOAK)? It looks to be a very interesting project that was mentioned on youtube earlier. They seem to have a great dev team and the price jumped up lately and is stable. Would be nice to hear your opinion about it in one of your next videos ….

  2. Travis Spence
    Travis Spence says:

    Easy to call ups when absolutely everything that day was gaining. Please do crypto a favor and stop making these videos. Also anyone taking this guy seriously needs to re-evaluate their investing strategy. Please dont give this guy 10 dollars. Biggest joke around

  3. ana virginia castaldi
    ana virginia castaldi says:

    hi Suppoman! yesterday Burstcoin enter the Bitsler casino. The number 1 Internet casino. Burst coin is green mining because you can use your hard space storage and was first world decentralized crypto platform to have Smart contracts, even before ETHEREUM). Has also a Burst casino, marketplace, radio station and an asset exchange. What do you think about it.

  4. Tips RacK
    Tips RacK says:

    Can you please tell me where do you buy your Cryptocurrency? An Exchange? i have checked the reviews for some of the famous Exchanges Like Cexio, bitbay ,poloniex and they aren't good.. a lot of user have complains about their services .And My country is not on coinbase supported countries (for buying and selling) .So Can you please suggest a good Place to buy Etherium .. Thanks…

    This is my second time posting this…

  5. KIMBO Productions
    KIMBO Productions says:

    Hello, I'm excited each video you post, I want to be updated in this growing currency market. (Allready subscribed)
    What do you think of peercoin or vertcoin, they had a high peak, do you think they may grow again like thy did?
    Friendly Greetz


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