What do you all think about the concept of market cycles? Do you try to swing trade each cycle? Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!


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  1. Juanita Lesly
    Juanita Lesly says:

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  2. Chris Jenkins
    Chris Jenkins says:

    @datadash you say "buy low, sell high" but what is "high/low". These are fundamental analysis terms that don't apply to crypto. You should be saying, when the stock market is overvalued (like it is now looking at PE ratios) sell; during the next stock market, bear market, buy.

  3. R A
    R A says:

    I agree that current time is to do swing trade..if you observe some of the altcoins..they fluctuates quite frequently and gives 10-20% profit every 2-3 days

  4. Joel Greenup
    Joel Greenup says:

    Still failing to discuss market manipulation with bitcoin. You're super bullish on it, but have yet to discuss the oscillation between 9.5k and 11.5k, which is happening due to pumping and dumping from whales or some other reason. This oscillation isn't organic.

  5. Can Karako
    Can Karako says:

    There is a very important step you missed. Look at the bubble chart. See how the volatility is extremely low after a bubble where you have point of maximum opportunity. We didn't have that in bitcoin yet. If this was indeed a bubble price should stabilise much lower. Don't you agree? Do you think the low is in? Can you make a video about this where you go through different scenarios. I'm not convinced with the current run up with the low volume. Thank you for the value btw appreciate it!

  6. CryptoLatin
    CryptoLatin says:

    Just a heads up, this market cicle is the exact opposite of last years. This entire year will be a bearish market overall, we will be correcting the full artificial pump that happened in december and january. If you have profits get em out right now, there can be no recovery until a true bottom is found, and that will be to 3500 4000 range BTC USD. Or if you are a long term holder just sync off, get back to real life, this year will not be green.

  7. jondbm
    jondbm says:

    If that market cycle GIF is accurate that means we're going down a lot more. If we have already bottomed out then that graph is already invalid, as we went up when it said we should be in the Anger stage.


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