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44 replies
  1. Glen Robinson
    Glen Robinson says:

    Just curious why DataDash completely ignores VeChain in all of his vids… I find it extremely strange considering it has the highest level of real world enterprise adoption of any Blockchain protocol and has been a top 20 coin for sometime now? Is anyone aware of why Nick chooses to completely ignore it's existence, was there some bad blood between them in the past that I am not aware of?

  2. Timothy W
    Timothy W says:

    You've developed a really high quality personality in yourself with loads of intelligence, solid ethics, insight, and wisdom.
    Plus you've developed large influence.
    What a great combo!
    That's what this world needs more of.

  3. valentindegen
    valentindegen says:

    Hey Nicholas, I once saw you in Zürich Switzerland and am very happy to hear you finally picked up some EOS at a good price 🙂
    As you might have heard there are only 47,4 % tokens registered yet, of which 10% is owned by blockone and 5,77% by shitfinex which is also running for blockproducer. None other exchange have registered their tokens ->
    You have an incredible setting and powerful reach: can you help raising awareness to the importance of EOS token registration and voting for blockproducers? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. thescammer88
    thescammer88 says:

    @datadash man, you should make a video to CLEARLY explain ppl why we BUY and HODL BTC. It's not about making money speculating, we don't care about that sh*t. It's about crushing bank system

  5. Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon says:

    Yes the US is the Fourth Reich. Zionist controlled America has thousands of bases across the world…thats not défensive strategy its an Empire..the US/NATO Empired controlled by Israhell and Saudi Arabia…I am tempted to keep all of my funds in crypto as a way of revolting against the Zionist Rothchild Banking System…I just dont have the stomach for it when I am down lol

  6. Not an argument
    Not an argument says:

    The most important things I learned from this is that Nicholas is redpilled on the banking cartel, Israel and cultural marxism. My trust in you has definitely increased (I don't trust anyone as a baseline).

  7. Not an argument
    Not an argument says:

    Just want to say that when a true collapse comes, even precious metals will be worthless. I won't be trading my livestock or food garden that I need to survive for a chunk of gold when the entire system has crumbled.

  8. Christopher Dal Cin
    Christopher Dal Cin says:

    Nick about your comments on QASH i could tell you had not much knowledge about the project for starters Quoine are front Runners in this space that have partnered with 17+ exchanges globally
    3 of the top 4 in the US,
    Largest in Europe
    Largest in Hong Kong
    Largest in Korea they can't disclose names but we can make assumptions on which
    launching Liquid their new platform next month you should take a deeper look into the project its very very promising

  9. Nikolas X
    Nikolas X says:

    I think the big whales want it down as low as possible, which is smart. If I was a Millionaire a 4% daily or weekly return on a $1million or $2million, etc. is fantastic. With Coinbase having its USDollar Wallet, I think that’s great for big $. Just sucks that everything gets pulled down by BTC. Something like EOS would probably be $20 by now. I’m so disappointed in ICX. They are not staying up to date with their community. I think they promised to much and many thought it would explode like Antshares/Neo did. I think LTC will fall around $100 or right below $100. WanChain was way overpriced. Really good correction. I think it’s going closer to $4. Sorry I don’t talk in Satoshis

  10. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I'm really debating letting go of my Wabi. I've been a holder for a long time, but am losing faith, especially with the token not having much use. Apart from the masternode can anyone give me a reason not to move on?

  11. Max Omnicast
    Max Omnicast says:

    Thanks for the very interesting discussion! I would love to hear more about the traditional finance sector and stocks in correlation with the crypto market. I believe this is much more important for us to understand and research than daily crypto charts (which i love too of course). All the Best!!

  12. CMDR Von Roerich
    CMDR Von Roerich says:

    There is a great documentary called 'money as debt' which gives the absolute true story of money. Worth a look and easy to understand for those who don't yet realise the importance of this community.

  13. juspa-steemit
    juspa-steemit says:

    I know you want to keep your technical analysis very simple. There is a clear wedge pattern with lower contact points in November 20th, February 6th, April 1st. That trendline is going to be a factor before 6k. The upper line of that wedge has contact points in Jan 20th, March 5th, and May 5th and 6th.

    Edit: ok, looks like it was presented later on in the broadcast, even though it wasn't drawn all the way from November


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