SUPPOMAN IS BACK!! WTF Happened with Bitcoin Cash (BCC)?!

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29 replies
  1. thomas v.d.b
    thomas v.d.b says:

    Hi dear Dutch BTC/ALT lovers!
    We would like to set up a Telegram group for Dutch people to discuss everything about BTC and ALT. We regularly organize meetups in Amsterdam, with free beer! Please feel free to join and donโ€™t miss out on anything!
    (If you are not okay with this message Suppo, I would like to hear! I will delete it immediately ๐Ÿ™‚)

  2. Lucas Bergh
    Lucas Bergh says:

    Hi Suppoman! Great videos. Got lots of profit Thanks to you!!! Thanks for that :).

    Could you please share your thoughts on Bancor? Bancor looks like a really strong project with a great company behind it. I can see it rise to 2-digita by then end of 2017.

    Hope you Will read this.

  3. Dave Walencky
    Dave Walencky says:

    Guys the course its good ONLY for Newbies to have an ideas in crypto!! DONT LISTEN FOR THIS GUY WHEN HE POSTS PUMPS!! when they say we pump him , Max Lee and others are OUT already taking the money and his way to VEGAS !! Ppl l lost alot of money because of these guys !! This channel it is DONE for him Community it is against him and MAX LEE with the Bulshit from CHAINCOIN !! Look it ia Dislikes number ? where is Suppoman with the daily videos ? it is hiding .

  4. StephCurryGOAT
    StephCurryGOAT says:

    This guy is fuckin stupid. It's easy to make calls on stratis and antshares. Every single person was saying to buy. It's easy to make money in a bull market. Anyone can do it. But Suppo is a fuckin idiot because of Chaincoin and superior coin. Did you even do his course? There's a part on it where he doesn't even know what a buy/sell wall is. haha what a joke this guy is. He's not an expert on crypto. He doesn't know shit. He's not even a programmer or a finance guy. Who the fuck is he? Just some random youtuber who makes Minecraft videos who happened to stumble upon crypto. He has no expertise. All his videos are basic material that I could find from anywhere. His facebook group has the most idiots I've ever seen. They all buy Bitquence because of him, and no other group I'm in even talks about Bitquence because OMG is so much better.

  5. Karmen Borbely
    Karmen Borbely says:


    Just came to know that you have been getting behind Bitquence, PLEASE DON'T.

    Bitquence is a great project and has lots of potential, Please don't ruin it. Every thing you get behind goes to SHIT.

    Your reputation is tarnished, nobody believes in a word you say so don't be around BITQUENCE AND FUCK IT UP.


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