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  1. Jamaludin Maideen
    Jamaludin Maideen says:

    Hi Suppoman Udemy…

    Just to share with you all few links that I thought will help us further understanding the progress of BitShares:

    Updates about BitShares from BitShares President:

    Updates about BitShare from BitShares Steem Official Channel:

    Big Project from BitShares That Will Kick Out Around Summer 2017 (June?)

    My personal opinion:

    BitShares easily to be ranked #3 just below Bitcoin and Ethereum. In an extreme suggestion, BitShares can be rank #1 since the BitShares – Graphene – Based technology is the answer for blockchain mass & industrial scale implementation 🙂

    May The Force Be With BitShares!

    Thanks for your updates!

  2. marcelo yanez
    marcelo yanez says:

    just suscribed hehehe, you were right with bitshares, bought them at 6600 the other day right after you posted the video :P, also sold my dgb and bought 30% yesterday, they will bounce back someday, and they wont be loosing so much value as BTC breaking 3k yday…

    keep up with the great work man!

  3. Michael Sloggett
    Michael Sloggett says:

    bro, every day u promote a new coin based on whats happening that day….. Bro, from a background in finance if this becomes a legitimate currency, you are going to jail bro for some of the advice u have given, especially as u offer 0 disclaimers and literally tell people BUY THIS….. I sighned up for your course, was a huge fan but bro, look at your likes to disslike ratio… your lossing people bro


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