What do you think about current markets? Are you bullish or bearish? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video.


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  1. 1DaTJones
    1DaTJones says:

    Nick, I hope you see this comment. There is a long Reddit conversation about BTG being a scam. They're saying there are 16,000 premined Bitcoin Gold coins, and that they will rip the real BTCs out of your wallet if you try to spend the BTC Gold. What is the truth Nick? Please help!

  2. Blockchain Society
    Blockchain Society says:

    Monaco have announced that their VISA partnership should be released this week, with a dev update on October 18th. Can you please review this coin? I really can't decided which company will be the defacto payment choice for investors and whichever one succeeds, will have one hell of a market cap as it brings crypto spending to the masses.

  3. YouDoTheShoot
    YouDoTheShoot says:

    cant see anyone selling BCT before the split and give up the chance of free cash… keep an eye on it after 2X as there could be a dramatic pull back as peopel grab cheap alt coins that were dumped to buy BTC before the hard fork…but what do In know

  4. Raymond Garcia
    Raymond Garcia says:

    When everyone's moving money to BTC, I will invest on alt coins when they are very down low. % gains in alt coins are much higher than a less volatile BTC, even with a free BTG. Will BTG be even 20% price of BTC? Maybe, but I can gain 40% on alts.

  5. Willy Sohn
    Willy Sohn says:

    @DataDash How did YOU learn cryptos? What are the resources you took to gain all this information because right now I feel as if there is a ton of information out there but it's just so scattered.


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