Just days before his scheduled lunch with Warren Buffett, Justin Sun has *reportedly* been placed under “border control” unable to leave China pending further investigation. Let’s talk about what’s currently happening to Tron’s leader and notorious Crypto Marketeer.

*UPDATE* Justin Sun is apparently in San Francisco – That sly little marketer. https://twitter.com/justinsuntron/status/1153721234384773120?s=20

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CN Ledger Recap:

CoinDesk story “Tron Founder Justin Sun Barred from Leaving China: Report” https://www.coindesk.com/trons-justin-sun-denies-media-accusation-of-illegal-crypto-fundraise

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  1. FollowThe Money
    FollowThe Money says:

    SINA News reports that Sun hasn't been in China since November of 2018. It is hard to impose a travel restriction for someone who is not in the country. I will attach the article. BTW, i lived in mainland China for many years and can speak Mandarin.

  2. Samsan
    Samsan says:

    Bobby you used to create good contents, i dont know why you desided to wast time on research and talk about this scammer. this f*uker go lunch or not who care?

  3. W. Alexander
    W. Alexander says:

    How is Justin Sun under the radar? He makes announcements regarding potential announcements. Also, didn't a bunch of angry people storm Tron Offices a few weeks ago over Tron not disavowing a Tron like scammer?

  4. Pink Summer
    Pink Summer says:

    Justin Sun is in San Fran, not in china and not being investigated at all. ALL FUD! He did a live video stream today from San Fran which you can watch on twitter. Please do research on fake rumors.

  5. BTC4Life 100k EOY
    BTC4Life 100k EOY says:

    Isn't it obvious that people like Justin are borderline scammers and their "projects" can go to zero at any moment? And yet some investors still buy Tron and BSV.
    Be smart, buy BTC and solid coins with strong team and tokenomics behind: LINK, NOIA, ANKR, AERGO

  6. Kyle V
    Kyle V says:

    How exactly are people supposed to figure this out? The crypto news feed is about as reliable as a Zero Hedge. They get things right on occasion. Lots of extra Doom and Gloom thrown in for good measure

  7. A Citizen
    A Citizen says:

    This guy is making crypto seem like a joke to those wanting to adopt! Also sold my tron for BTC. How can this shitcoin be so high on the chart? Maybe Trump should call ICE to pick him up, and send him (coach) back to his communist family! This is like the Chinese version of McAfee! lol

  8. clint_sandiego
    clint_sandiego says:

    Hm…. You are very right. I don't believe the kidney stones story. He could have sent his vice president or whoever works in TRON to represent him. The damage to TRON's image is way bigger than 4.5 mil. Something different happened.


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