Is inflation DIRECTLY correlated with price performance in crypto? Well…. There are only two cryptocurrencies in the Top-10 down against USD in 2019, both of which have high inflation. One is XRP, so let’s take a look at why Ripple Inc’s sale $250M quarterly sale of XRP could be hurting it’s holders.

Ripple’s Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report:


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  1. Zoe Mcgrath
    Zoe Mcgrath says:

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  3. Nick Moore
    Nick Moore says:

    Should def check out Sinovate. When you lock up your coins for a node they are burnt using a proof-of-burn mechanic, this keeps inflation tightly controlled. You earn back the burnt coins over the course of keeping the node alive for up to a year (plus whatever the ROI rate gives) but each node added removes coins from the circulating supply forever.

    This also prevents sybil and other attacks other masternodes are vulnerable to as the attacker loses their funds or must maintain a node!

    All transactions fees are also burnt and there are some neat features like data storage, privacy and “flash send” that will eat up fees in the long run.

  4. Денис Кулёмин
    Денис Кулёмин says:

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  5. Irenn
    Irenn says:

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  6. Nik 333777
    Nik 333777 says:

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  7. Виктор Минаильченко
    Виктор Минаильченко says:

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  8. K van W
    K van W says:

    Please allow me to say…: You speak a 100 words while the real info is 40 words only.
    Do you do this on purpose to fill your content?

    Or if it is just a habit can you try to cut down on waste?

  9. chrisiden
    chrisiden says:

    Hi Crypto Bobby! maybe u can answer a question for me… i understand that the halvening is every 4 years for bitcoin and litecoin and i would like to know does BitcoinCash and BitcoinSV also get a halvening? … i know it sounds silly but was not sure … thanks, chris

  10. Earth is flat like a Ostrich nest
    Earth is flat like a Ostrich nest says:

    Blah, actually I truly appreciate and enjoyed this video, and the content, and if you dig deeper, you will find out that most of these shit coins are doing the same thing xrp is doing, but more on the Dl, this is coming from the guy who used to be a altcoin bull, lol more like bullshit. You should look at it this way, the Government prints coins, and these guys make shit coins , and that's. how st. claws gets your satoshi at the end, though the shit coins or fiat. I just thank God for the RUDE AWAKENING, I just got. Once again, good job blah 😉


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