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  1. Aapka Bhai Jagdish
    Aapka Bhai Jagdish says:

    Are you new to the crypto scene? Tired of losing money and digital wealth? Are you having trouble understanding why your always late to buy and sell?

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  2. Stefan Zimmermann
    Stefan Zimmermann says:

    Could you comment on eBTC tokens launched a few days ago! It's basically UET (useless ethereum token) with clever branding and has added 16 million USD to the total crypto market cap in the past 24h. It's a bit worrisome!

  3. verzure
    verzure says:

    Would you mind looking into Blackmoon Crypto? Seems like a lot of promise. Experience team, established company. Outlook as far as coin value goes is a little confusing. Would love your opinion. Congrats on your new job – enjoy California! I'm an east-coaster out here now too!! Thanks again.

  4. Central
    Central says:

    Hshare did not start at 1 billion. It was much lower and then they gave everyone with any Hshare something like 300 or 500 times what they had thus inflating the cap by a few hundred times. I remember finding it right before that and looking into it – something about the dash of China or something, very small market cap – and didn't find it on any exchange I used, just some Chinese exchanges IIRC, so I moved on. Then a few hours later I refreshed coinmarketcap and all of a sudden I see this coin again but now on the list at 11th place or something. Price was stable for a bit so I guess some people still bought but has been declining ever since so they basically scammed a bunch of people. Pretty shady, don't think these guys deserve any more attention. Good example of why market cap can be very deceptive though.

  5. Steffen
    Steffen says:

    I would argue that the coins you are covering are not ICOs, but rather altcoins per definition. Initial coin offering (ICO) is an unregulated means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup companies.

  6. Riccardo Angioli
    Riccardo Angioli says:

    Hello, I’m Italian. I would like to ask you to talk about bytecoin, I see you are an expert and I am not so here is what i would like to know. Bytecoin had been blamed form monero team which spread out the fact that bytecoin is a scam, but this was 2/3 years ago. And bytecoin lost credibility and programmers didn’t respond because they are anonymous “as bitcoin at the begginning” beside that bytecoin still exist and is still in the top 30 since a bit, moreover beside all the bad things that were said about bytecoin it still have 1M$ (24h change). So now that i believe is not a scam and a new roadmap has been made (they will redo the site the 16th so if you can do the video with the new website would be better)  may you say something about it. Oh and the supply, people are mining it but on marketcap there is always the same supply, is not updated, so total marketcap is actually more. And what do you think will happen when it will reach max supply? 
    Thank you Riccardo


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