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  1. David Lee
    David Lee says:

    I am going to get me one of those reseller accounts so i can sell reselll the website blockchain hosting service, they only have a limited amount of reseller accounts that they are going sell for the first six years and they will be the only ones allowed to sell the blockchian hosting

  2. James Frushon
    James Frushon says:

    A note on Cryptopia………
    WAVES / BTC market is closing
    WAVES team failed to notify us of two recent WAVES updates (0.7.6 and 0.7.7). Both of these updates resulted in a fork of the network. We have approached WAVES on multiple occasions to ask them to notify us of updates and they have neglected to do so. As a result WAVES and its assets are being delisted. Once the 0.7.7 update has been applied investors will have a 30 day period to cancel market orders and withdraw.

  3. 33 MAG
    33 MAG says:

    i invested in all the coins in the range of 0.70 and 080 , watt it s the coin? can i just send you the 10 dolars in bitcoin and you tell me the coin? i need to move 10k in crypto and haff in your future coin. i am new but i here people hade gains with your advices. holla me back mate.

  4. Korkut Yavuz
    Korkut Yavuz says:

    Hi, I actually bought the training and here is my observation. Note that out of respect I will not share the name of the coin.
    – The training itself is actually a series of short videos that touch upon the most important aspects of investing in alt coins. You can find the same information from other videos on youtube, but it would take much longer.
    – He is a good speaker, easy to listen to without getting bored.
    – His arguments for the 'said coin' actually make sense.

    Yesterday and today I made several transactions to sell some adex and bitcoin to by 1000USD worth of 'said coin' from 0.89… now it is 1.22, so even in 24 hours it paid off. But I will not sell, just keep holding it until the very end – since holding it also has its rewards. But you need to watch the video for a better explanation from the guy himself.

    So, I will continue to follow this Suppoman guy and the 'said coin'.

    I know this is a gamble, and 24 hours means nothing. But I feel really good about it.

    So, fingers crossed.

  5. Felix
    Felix says:

    really easy to find out what crypto he means, go to coinmarketcap, sort by price, go to ~80cents look at the charts of the surrounding coins until you see the chart that he spoke of. But tbh, not worth the hassle for that coin.


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