The US telecom giant, AT&T will now begin to accept bitcoin payments, Facebook’s GlobalCoin is set to launch in q1 2020, Telegram is set to launch TON in q3 2019, Robinhood has launched crypto trading in New York, and MORE in Today’s Crypto News.
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AT&T Becomes 1st Major Mobile Network to Accept #Bitcoin Payments

#Facebook Cryptocurrency, ‘GlobalCoin’ Set to Launch in Q1 of 2020: Report

Report: #Telegram to Launch TON Network in Q3 2019

Robinhood, the popular stock and crypto investing app, has officially launched cryptocurrency trading in New York.

Built on Zilliqa Unstoppable Domains raises $4 million

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  1. Shane M
    Shane M says:

    AT&T isn't recognizing that their customers are interested in paying in Bitcoin. Instead they're recognizing the fees for them are less than credit card fees. Even if only a small percentage of people pay with Bitcoin, it's a no-brainer for AT&T or any merchant to offer crypto payments as an option. With cheaper fees than credit cards and an instant conversion to fiat eliminating crypto volitiliy risk, it makes sense

  2. RyanBlockb5
    RyanBlockb5 says:

    Can you explain the use of Cryoto .com's CRO and MCO's credit card. Yes, I have read up on the project, but I'm struggling with all the different terms and how they mesh together. And tell me why they have different market caps that are billions apart? Thanks so much.

  3. Joseph M Brown
    Joseph M Brown says:

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  4. Crypto Hero
    Crypto Hero says:

    Don't want to sound like Debbie Downer but….AT&T is not not taking Crypto…AT&T is allowing Bitpay to process crypto Payment for them. BitPay is accepting Crypto and AT&T is accepting cash. It is like saying AT&T is accepting cash via PayPal. This is only the 1st step I supposed. but when AT&T accept BTC/LTC etc. then they are accepting Cryptos.

  5. crypto semm
    crypto semm says:

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  6. Liz Grumet
    Liz Grumet says:

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  7. Alex andeR
    Alex andeR says:

    I think that this is one of the biggest proofs that BTC ETH and major cryptocurrencies are going up a lot more than 7k-8k in the future. Those big companies that are investing in crypto are not foolish. They know exactly that crypto currencies are going to hit big in the future. If I was a great company, I never accept crypto as payment if I wasn't 100% sure that BTC will not mantain/grow up his value…


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