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  1. Paul Ainsley
    Paul Ainsley says:

    look at this we just beat polo on cchart $XRP all way btc is my fav but saldy lots of bubble from bitcoinunlimited and core litecoin well hard to tell. ripple i can see lots of vision

  2. HeiA
    HeiA says:

    you should make a discord

    then you can gather your community in one spot and communicate with them in real time. you can form several groups that are topic- related and you can set different voice chats. there are already a lot of bitcoin and ethereal related discord groups and you can control what people to have access to it

  3. James Lana
    James Lana says:

    Do you think the fact that no one can pull out large amounts of money at one time us artificially propping up the whole market? For example you mention 5000 btc at a much earlier cheap price. Now this person has 10 million… But he or she can't simply cash out 10 million. So these big whales or early adopters are stuck and can't withdraw from market.

  4. Scott Grieve
    Scott Grieve says:

    been watching your coarse great stuff waiting on my invite to group wink wink…loving the podcasts valuable info so it is im new to this and be up shxx creek without a paddle without these videos. Thanks

  5. Everyone WantsMoney
    Everyone WantsMoney says:

    He sums up everything in his first sentence "his GAMBLE". This guy KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT TRADING or INVESTING. You are a greater fool than I if you listen to this shouting fool and take his "hindsight gambling advice'". Anyone can talk on historical charts – he just buys and hopes – no big secret here. I think he feels if he shouts loud enough it will give him more credability. HE KNOWS NOTHING OF ANY VALUE, BE WARNED IF YOU HEED ANY OF WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.

  6. Emerson Redondo
    Emerson Redondo says:


    I would be an accepting invite if you would consider having me join your live trade group. I absolutely believe the lessons learnt will be invaluable to my experience. Thank you for you continued uploads.

  7. Gabriel C
    Gabriel C says:

    Hello, Suppoman! I'm a huge fan.
    I need your advice and opinion.
    I'm new to the field of cryptocurrency, I have a small budget ( 250 $ ) and I want to invest in 3-4 coins with good potential ( preferably under a dollar ) for a long term investment ( +6 months ).

    My options are :

    What do you think ?

    Thank you very much and I hope you will see my message !

  8. Or Eagle
    Or Eagle says:

    In early March 2017 I did $5400 in CryptoCurrency. (for the first time) Today; my estimated value is over $40,000. I am still leaning. …If I had put it all in Etherium back then. ($19.00); today would be $105,831.38. I only half of my portfolio in Etherium.

  9. kabouterWesley1
    kabouterWesley1 says:

    My portfolio consist of Stratis / Blitzcash / NEM / STEEM. I'm not making the money I was hoping to get but i'm scared of selling it beacause it might be a good investment in the long run and i don't want to regret selling like i did with my ethereum…


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