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  1. Chris Whitenack
    Chris Whitenack says:

    Wait, Google has a problem with mining? That's rich. Next they will have a problem with search engines, too. And no, im not dumb enough to use my phone to mine nor do transactions on my phone for that matter. Just finding it stupidly amusing is all.

  2. Omar Ghosn
    Omar Ghosn says:

    Being beholden to a platform (today its a 2 party monopoly) is scary because you have to play by their rules…imagine if there was mass adoption and they yanked your wallet off the store and it messes with your ability to pay for things throughout your day/week


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  4. City in the sky
    City in the sky says:

    My first thought when I heard Google removed Bitcoin*com was that someone at Google was trying to protect people from getting BCH when they really wanted BTC. Roger Ver is brilliant. Several decades ago, an engineer from Venezuela, Enrique Castillo Rincon, claimed he was taken onboard a Pleiadean spaceship a few times, and on one of those trips, it was vividly shown to him the severity of economic disparity in our world. They emphasized that the issue is not a lack of resources, but instead, the problem is distribution. Maybe Bitcoin really did originate from the ET's !

  5. Charona Plutoni
    Charona Plutoni says:

    Small corrections:
    1. Not every non-mining node is SPV. SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) is often used by lightweight mobile wallets, and allows a wallet to not download all full blocks, which would not fit on a phone, and use too much bandwidth. But a full Bitcoin core node doesn't mine either, yet it is not SPV.
    2. Also, most mobile wallets are SPV (if not all of them), but those can certainly be mining. That's not a contradiction.


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