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47 replies
  1. Right Wing Safety Squad
    Right Wing Safety Squad says:

    All you have to know is that Soros is entering to know that there is a pump and dump of one of the top 5 coins coming. Given he had the capital to pump and dump the British Pound, he can likely do the same to all 5 top cryptos concurrently. Also, don't fall for his "philanthropy". The Open Society Foundations often do a lot of work that directly contributes to market instability that he uses to gain financially (usually, sometimes he does lose money because of them).

    That tax in Poland is specifically designed to cut day trading. The "side-effect" of it that you're complaining is in fact the intended goal. They want people investing for the long term, not short term speculation.

  2. David Hansson
    David Hansson says:

    I think it can be good, even if Soros intentions are bad! When he enters the crypto market, I assume he's doing it with quite huge amounts, so there's going to be a lot of new money flowing into the crypto market.. When people see green numbers they are jumping on the train as well! And we can have a really great boost of the crypto market!
    After a while though, Soros will probably dump his cryptos trying to crash the market. But I think he will fail with that,, maybe he just unintentionally do something good for the crypto market..

  3. Szymon Szabliński
    Szymon Szabliński says:

    so im watching you, youre talking im checking some graphs on trading view and at some point you starting talking about Poland and ours new tax legislation. Its very nice to hear your opinion about it. I've watched some videos of polands youtubers calling for solidarity and asking to spread information about this law but I wouln't have thoyght that this message will reach you. hehehe such surprise

  4. Omar Ghosn
    Omar Ghosn says:

    Everything was going well in crypto and suddenly it crashed….a couple months later, George Soros is in crypto news…hmmm
    I believe Soros took positions a while back and waited for a grand opportunity to make money, and crash a market that he can then re enter. With his kind of money and influence, he could do whatever he wants to the crypto market that all together has a smaller marketcap than Microsoft alone. Whats scary for crypto holders is if he hasnt played his game yet…that would mean lower lows before he gets in

  5. Danny Mc
    Danny Mc says:

    DataDash.. love what you do.

    I would very much like to here your thoughts on COB, the "house token" for the Cobinhood exchange.

    Not much utility to the token at present, hence the price has fallen significantly from ATH.

    Discount on margin trading (when holding COB) which starts in June should see a good pick up on the price, also ICO airdrops for COB holders for ICOs underwritten and launched on COBX.

    Decentralized exchanged planned in the near term.

    It wouod be great if you could bring some awareness to this fantastic project that is "all for the trader" as they have zero trading fees and super tight security.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Dan Adlington
    Dan Adlington says:

    The guy is a real life James Bond villain. As a person I am not a fan of his. But from a Trading point of view I find his approach intriguing. I am reading his "The Alchemy Of Finance" which is a very interesting read.

  7. Piotr R
    Piotr R says:

    That'd why I'm not in Poland anymore. The government is just mental, how can they impose such a huge taxes, especially with salary not very high is beyond me. They just so what they want

  8. Rebecca Gemguurl
    Rebecca Gemguurl says:

    Futures entered market at ATH and did what they usually do
    Soros entered the market now, after 3 months of bear market? hmmm
    The total market cap is only 267Billion
    Put yourself in soros shoes, would you make more money on the downside or upside "first"
    interesting to see if he would go down, as the money from a pump would make way more profit that shorting it now when it's already pretty low

  9. desertgreek
    desertgreek says:

    not one Commentator out there played the recent Bitcoin action correctly, not one commentator ever mentioned, buying puts when BTC was over 19k, not one, However our boy Mr Buffet was dead on, he called it all the way, and everyone called him old and short sighted, he called it, and said he was going to be shorting it all along. Why is no-one really figuring out how to win at this game, perhaps we need to all listen to the Old dogs that really know how to sniff out the bacon.

  10. Brandy Wasay
    Brandy Wasay says:

    All you need to do is transfer your Polish money to an overseas account … then the Polish government won't be able to trace it or tax it for that matter, and then you buy cryptos using an overseas account. Not easy for most people and it is best you have friends or relatives living abroad.

  11. Art Creator
    Art Creator says:

    Government is the biggest scammers and beggars they will make money from everyone and everything in the name of public servant they robbing general public and making the rich richer, gov is despo for money they shud selling shit oly many shitheads running the so-called Government its an issue with all over the world we hear all the time how gov and rich are manipulating common ppl to fulfill there needs. humans life on earth is a joke. polland send your waste/shit to the ones who robb from those who dont hav or hav less.

  12. Mark Lindley
    Mark Lindley says:

    George Soros is Trash. Die and burn in Hell George Sorrows. sorry bastard. He will manipulate the market and with crypto it is easier to do. He is the cartel. He starts wars and finances mobs to kill cops.


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