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48 replies
  1. John Kaplan
    John Kaplan says:

    I've decided to double down on some of my altcoins and buy in at these crazy low prices. Only thing is I'm waiting for another dip in Bitcoin. Thinking to buy BTC in the mid 6000s, then a lot more in the low 5,000s if it gets there. If not, I'm going to keep my cash but let my current holdings rise. DataDash is definitely one of the very best voices out there in the space.

  2. R M
    R M says:

    It's such an unreliable;e market rightt now. Definitely a point at which it's good to DCA on but we may have a good ways to go down. I have a lot of points on which I agree with @Tone Vays on in a technica sense. However it's an excellennt point to DCA on

  3. R
    R says:

    I'm not sure why my 'Trading View' chart for XRP look's different, but on my Bittrex chart I have XRP finding support exactly on the 200 day (3/4 March) and has now (seemingly) bounced off the 200 day a 2nd time, (18/19 March). Any thoughts?

  4. Mork
    Mork says:

    Hey Nic if it stays green for a couple of days i could maybe move out of the DOGHOUSE and back into the home & who knows maybe sit at the table instead of being thrown a bone.

  5. s3l3r
    s3l3r says:

    29th of March Bitcoin futures expire. No big chance to prices go up to much sorry. G20 just give big players free hand to play with market like they want.

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  6. FXPhysics
    FXPhysics says:

    After the rushed CFTC-sponsored start of BTC futures, regulation has pretty much been all the news that's hit the crypto market in the last 3 months. No wonder the market has crashed. Governments keep doing what they do best: DESTROY VALUE.

  7. jack Daniels
    jack Daniels says:

    We have had a good day in an other wise dismal 2 and a 1/2 months of a bear market. Nice to see and good to hear M Carney do a complete u turn on what he said a couple of weeks ago but lets not forget, we are still in a bear market. Dont hate me for saying it just look at the chart.

  8. Danny
    Danny says:

    I don't get why people even care about government regulation. The entire point of bitcoin is that it doesn't matter what the government says, doesn't say, does, or doesn't do.

  9. Ilya Chardome
    Ilya Chardome says:

    Great update Nicolas, thanks. I have a different opinion on the fact that the G20 will not talk about regulating the crypto-space. Don't you think that this will keep uncertainty lingering, and limit possible interest from institutional investors? Without regulation the whole decentralised economy remains the Far West, which is not beneficial to its development I believe. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  10. TheOne AndOnly
    TheOne AndOnly says:

    I hope that the reason the bankers aren't concerned with regulation is that they want to pump and dump the market(again?). I mean with billions of dollars, media under control, no regulation of markets and some crypto projects actually being used, they could create another magnificent bubble.

  11. Marcel Šintaj
    Marcel Šintaj says:

    "By April 1, Stellar plans to launch a trial version of the technology (Lightning Network) on a test network, with ambitious plans to release an implementation for real payments by autumn." This is absolutely HUUUUUUGE!

  12. Jorge Pazos
    Jorge Pazos says:

    We need more mass adoption and Nick does the job perfectly, congrats man, love your channel. Personally im accepting crypto on my taxi cab here in Chile… Great news today for those rebounds in the market!!!

  13. Ferdy
    Ferdy says:

    We have seen more of these 1 day double digit green percentages, but we will still remain under the 2,5 months resistance. I think the support needs to be tested again before we can breakout of the down trend.


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