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39 replies
  1. adamgdev
    adamgdev says:

    Nick, you said that a lot of the mainstream media uses fear for click bait. What are some trusted unbiased outlets to get accurate information that you use? I try to stay active on twitter. Any other recommendations?

  2. TripleA007
    TripleA007 says:

    How can I get that TEMA (50, 100, 200, close, close, close) indicator that he's using?

    I only get the chance to do one line per indicator, not three as he shows here.

    So I added:
    TEMA (50, close)
    TEMA (100, close)
    TEMA (200, close)

    But the lines are WAY off target from where they are on this video, and they're also inverted. The 50 is at the top and the 200 is at the bottom.

  3. Ray Shulley
    Ray Shulley says:

    hi nick been watching you on roku for about 2 months now and have learned a lot having held series 7 almost 35 years ago, your approach is well reasoned and balanced need your opinion on something i have small position in lite coin and looking at taking position on some other what is your opinion of lite coin i think i see the very thing your speaking of in the above video thanks and keep up good work 12/30/17

  4. Maurice
    Maurice says:

    i like the 's.korea is not china' bit. not sure if people know this, but s.korea is very westernized compared to their neighbors. so something as strong arm as banning crypto seems to be an easy red flag to spot.

  5. Brett Green
    Brett Green says:

    Great video, again. Nick. And what a killer year for you and everyone else involved with BTC, and other Crypto-currency. Keep it up in 2018. Happy New Year everyone. As far as your ? regarding S. Korea. Regulation, yes. Ban, absolutely not. They are way too invested in BTC and BCash, and I do not think the political arena will go as far as an outright ban. However there has to be some regulation. If not, I fear our while Crypto-verse will spin out of control, and take a turn for the worse. We are at a turning point I believe. On the cusp of mainstream adoption. And the only way it will continue to grow and will be able to invite the big mainstream money, is to assure them that their money is being protected the best it can be protected in a space such as this. There will always be risk involved. More so than in traditional investment platforms. But with that risk will come reward. People who are wanting to invest now need to have some reassurances otherwise they will move on to the next big thing.

  6. Cryptoversity
    Cryptoversity says:

    All the banks want are people to sell their BTC so they can pick it ALL up cheap……then kill it so they can make Ripple Big Brother 'coin' the only coin and crypto will die since Ripple isnt even a crypto coin; its the same old shit dressed as new with a corporate brand name……last stand of the kleptocracy . Never sell your BTC and Ripple will just crash and burn along with all their other Fiat Currencies after their value pours into BTC and Alts

  7. Croft
    Croft says:

    Wow, 22 hours later, and very little is in fact killing it. Bitcoin is more like dying it. 37% dominance. Good stuff.

    Although, Ripple taking over dominance will suck even harder. It's not even a proper blockchain.

  8. Austin Kelly
    Austin Kelly says:

    Simple question, but I can't find the answer anywhere for some reason: How do you read the BTC & USD comparisons on CoinMarketCap? I remember you saying in one of your videos to pay attention to only the BTC one, but I don't understand why.


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