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24 replies
  1. Davin Chase
    Davin Chase says:

    Datadash is a fuckin little bitch. Trashes a perfectly good coin just because his bitch ass lost his crypto because he's fuckin stupid and couldn't get reimbursed when it's his own little fault. Fuck this guy

  2. brutus301
    brutus301 says:

    I usually listen to what WB has to say. But in this case he has openly admitted to knowing very little if anything about cryptos. The same can be said for almost anyone over 50. BC is approaching its 10 yr anniversary but it's just now peeking into the mainstream. Smart money is starting to surge and soon the troglodytes will flood the market with their tax return checks.. Reports like these keep the goons at bay long enough to get in at a decent entry point. I predict a major surge in the mainstream coins in the next 6-10 weeks.

  3. Mr Satoshi
    Mr Satoshi says:

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    All available on Cryptopia…

  4. Irree seyr
    Irree seyr says:

    One question.. why are we looking for the alt coins to hit a market cap of 25% dominance? I've had a look through past videos but as of yet haven't found the answer to this yet, thanks.

  5. Ro CSIII
    Ro CSIII says:

    I have much respect for Buffet…but I know this time HE IS WRONG. LET THIS TEXT SERVE AS MY DOCUMENTATION!! I also think he is conflating BitCoin with THE ENTIRE CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET. While there may be a lot of bad endings to a lot of the speculative coins out there, Bitcoin will be one of the last standing after all the blood in the streets. If that’s what he is attempting to say then a statement like that doesn’t take any genius at all. It only relies on our collective empirical knowledge of THE WAY ALL NEW SPECULATIVE VENTURES will arc. When the internet first came about there were tens of thousands of speculative ventures started and opened up for investment opps and just as many ended badly but it didn’t mean the end of the internet or that all the ventures ended terribly. Look at Amazon, Netflix, and Google!! But I think Mr. Buffet passed on adding those to his portfolio at Berkshire initially too! Oops he’s been wrong before!!

  6. Jason Elkins
    Jason Elkins says:

    Excuse this blantant shill but… Please for the love of God, review Lamden (TAU). It’s basically Microsoft Office for blockchain development. It is miles ahead of it’s competitors (Ark, Aion, Icon, Wanchain, Lisk, EOS, Dragonchain, etc.) and has only just been released to market (Etherdelta/IDEX) and is still cheap as chips. Lamden to the moon!!!

  7. brennan hartnell
    brennan hartnell says:

    Hey dude, Love your channel. I've been watching since early September when I first heard about Bitcoin. I am an investor in Block VEE, a recent ICO that finally hit the market in mid November. The community is currently trying to get it on Binance, but currently only trades on ETH Delta and OKEx. I truly believe it is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that has massive potential in the space. I am hoping to encourage you to do some research on the project, and potentially look into it as a personal investment if you come to see fit. Thanks! p.s. it would be pretty awesome to see you do a video on it!

  8. mo crypto
    mo crypto says:

    Hey Man another awesome video. Really appreciate what your doing for the community. Can you please review (if it's interest you) GNX (Genaro Network) on your channel. Block chain 3.0 + decentralized storage, really interesting project. Thanks

  9. Skaanings
    Skaanings says:

    Love you technical analysis… Could you do a video on TRON.. I bought into it early on and just wanted to know what you think. Personally I love Justin, what he stands for and his connection. Secondly I have been using Binance and trading with ETH… Should I then compare the charts against ETH or BTC??? Thanks for you help…


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