Guys we are totally in a wild west dynamic and many of you are cryptocurrency pioneers. This altcoin and bitoin market is topsy turvey.


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  1. samjd
    samjd says:

    The most difficultly playing the coin game is how to get out of your beloved altcoins into a main coin. Most people will be stuck in an alt with no exit to, say BTC then gold.

  2. Joey Barrelwilde
    Joey Barrelwilde says:

    I do feel like a pioneer. And, I am excited that Genesis Mining is offering Bitcoin Cash Mining contracts starting maybe this week, as they announced on Twitter. I am anxiously awaiting the newest offering as a pioneer, ready to go on that journey. GM 3 percent off code if anyone needs one- lbLK8h

  3. Sheldon Goobie
    Sheldon Goobie says:

    guys stop worrying about your positions you will need to hold these new coins for years to see returns. Here is an example I purchased 350k digibyte on release in 2014 for just under 0.2 btc at the time just over 200 bucks cost to me. In the recent DGB pump I was up to nearly 30k in profits and I still didnt sell all my holdings. I pulled out some profits and spread them across some of the new hot coins right now . The returns are there if you hold them for long term. I missed the early really high pump on DGB that would have net me 6 BTC in one trade. If you pick sound coins you will get gains in time, never sell at a loss

  4. Leo
    Leo says:

    Bought more verge while was down to 0.12 , initially got some around .003 , same as SiaCoin, long term investment, won't even look at them after 1 yr

  5. Sarah sebring
    Sarah sebring says:

    Do you think the exchanges do this to manipulate the market? XRP hits $1.50 and now Bittrex is doing maintenance on that wallet? Seems every time a coin shoots up, that's the coin needing maintenance and I can't pull out my gains.

  6. AntiFormat
    AntiFormat says:

    Jeff I just wanted to thank you for all these videos. I've been watching religiously and have had a lot of gains in the last three months. Don't let the trolls get you down or make you negative on the space. The bigger the love gets, the bigger the hate gets. This video is exactly what I needed to hear today. This is the wild west and anyone who doesn't accept that and want that should be in DOW.

  7. Leckam
    Leckam says:

    Hey Jeff, why dont you look at Kucoin it has an interesting coin, 90% of the fees in trades go back to users.
    If for any chance your interested, here my invitation code: E3dQVJ

  8. evultoad4
    evultoad4 says:

    I think it's important to know that a lot of the ember gains were on yobit, which is an unsupported wallet and different chain to what ember is running on. There were still 5-10x gains, but not the 100x that this portrays. Yobit has since been de-listed from coinmarketcap, as per request by the ember team. Honestly, if your going to invest in a coin, at the very least join their discord and participate in the discussions.

  9. Manky McKrackin
    Manky McKrackin says:

    Jeff please for the love of crypto, STOP FOCUSING ON YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!!!! have your vids lately have been you crying about people crying. please stop and focus on the fundamentals and news

  10. Book of Eli
    Book of Eli says:

    This has always been my argument, I've traded Options, Futures, Forex, Stocks for years lost some, won some. This market is infantile at best and we're feeding it that baby bottle to get it to mature, the real investors and traders are the ones that will make out in the end, people are impatient and are too "skiddish" with the swings in price, For the most part Cryptos should be a long term play in your portfolio, Take suitable profits when needed and HODL as they say. I bought into Verge a few year ago 1M coins for $20USD….$20!!!, why would I panic and dump it, I've cashed out a few times, but it remains as is, and in case it dies out, Guess what My initial investment was only $20. If losing that $20 negatively affects your life get out of Cryptos and continue working that 9-5. Great Vid as always.

  11. Spencer Garn
    Spencer Garn says:

    Embercoin is updating a new wallet today, Dec 28th. I downloaded the current wallet after purchasing some ember and the wallet keeps crashing so it's good to know that they are on top of things and updating a mandatory new wallet sometime today! I don't want to keep my coins on Coinsmarkets exchange where i got my ember since Cryptopia had froze it this week. glad i got in while I could!

  12. bonzo45
    bonzo45 says:

    Thank you for your informative videos…I have made a number of purchases after seeing your videos and doing my own DD as well. When you get a chance, can you please check out $BOAT…very low outstanding circulating supply (18,547,845), new re-brand. New website will be relaunched in a matter of days. A coin like this can go up to several dollars given the float out there. Thanks again.


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