In this video we talk about Chris Giancarlo’s Friday Tweet about Fintech. Along with some other cryptocurrency market variables in play. My outlook with crytpo and these altcoins is be patient and be willing to wait it out until the next run.


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  1. Mant Aray
    Mant Aray says:

    good video informative no bullshit straight to the point your opinion jeff great thanks for the info mate but i think Doge coin would be pronounced like doeg like dog>doge not doshh doej

  2. Globee07
    Globee07 says:

    The problem is that for a "one world" currency, countries would have to agree on a couple of things at least and as there are still many countries at war with each other or simply just hating each other I don't see them joining together for a unified currency anytime soon. I see a bright future in privacy coins though. No one knows who are behind it, not traceable, not blockable so they might just agree to use it. What are your favourite privacy coins currently, If there are any? My current favourite is DeepOnion though I see a lots of new projects starting day by day like BTCP

  3. Paren hirani
    Paren hirani says:

    I recently got into crypto and been slowly pouring money in every payday whenever there’s a good sale. I think I have made some good investments.

    1 – Nano
    2 – Komodo
    3 – Verge
    4 – Cardono
    5 – Quantstmp
    6 – Ethlend
    7 – Stellar
    8 – Xtrabytes
    9 – Dragonchain
    10 – IOTA,
    11 – Deep Brain Chain
    12 – Sonm
    13 – Poet
    14 – Mana
    15 – QLink
    16 – Reddcoin
    17 – Digibyte
    18 – Odessey
    19 – IOST
    20 – Car vertical

    What do you guys think of the selection? Starting with top with most investment and bottom to least. Is there any I forgot about?


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