The cryptocurrency market has remained strong as we continue to observe if the the momentum is sustainable. Bitcoin and other altcoins have been on a nice little run over the last 24 to 48 hours.

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  1. dlucas90
    dlucas90 says:

    What exactly backs crypto currency? I understand gold and silver is backed by the labor and The resources it took to pull it out of the ground. Forgive me for being skeptical about crypto but it seems to play right into the bankers wet dream, it’s cashless and has to have a massive computer infrastructure complete with spywear to use it.

  2. Xenos White
    Xenos White says:

    Hello Jeff. You had to make the BLUE protocol review. You had to print your excitement to it. What blue have just anounced they are doing for the crypto world, equals the cure of cancer announcement for the medicine world. The whole crypto space have to know what they are doing. They are curing the Crypto cancer (Scams/Insecurity) to bring average people to addopt cryptocurrency with trust and safety.

  3. Special Sami
    Special Sami says:

    Wanchain is good and I hold some, but if you compare it with NEO then maybe you do not understand the tech on these two. NEO has potential to be the new and better Etherium. There are projects coming out from NEO now and half of those are hitting it big time. NEO is gonna be huge. I wish I actually had bought when it was cheap

  4. Jd Dayanghirang
    Jd Dayanghirang says:

    Check out the Consensus 2018 (reason why Ripple exploded last year from the Consensus 2017). This year Stellar, VeChain, Poly, Sonm, and TheKey will be speakers. ICON will also be one of the sponsors. Pepare for these coins to see a huge run this year (just like how Ripple did last year). Your Welcome 😉


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