This is cryptocurrency and Altcoin news for March 14th, 2018. As we take a look around the world of cryptocurrency we can see the market has taken a hit following a Google announcement. Playboy announces a wallet, Hashgraph thinks it can outpace Blockchain and Coinbase says there is no need for further regulation.


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  1. Алина Романова
    Алина Романова says:

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  2. Walid x
    Walid x says:

    talk about the death cross that is about to happen . we are going to 5k btc get ready chaps we gonna be in propa bear soon . hope you most in a long HODL .see you in december .

  3. Professor B
    Professor B says:

    All these weak hands are leaving the market and that's a good thing for crypto. All these people wanting to get rich quick. I believe in the technology and I know it's not going anywhere. Once all the weak hands of been removed there will be a large bull… In due time

  4. john saxby
    john saxby says:

    Jeff please do a video on how bad coinbase is, they are a bad company , they are making it almost impossible to withdraw funds in the U.K., I am not alone , please comment if you have experienced the same and spread the word. Sorry to bring this to everyone's attention, but the community needs to know.

  5. Chasing the Dragon
    Chasing the Dragon says:

    Im wanting to buy more…but i dont want to leave myself fiat short incase the bear market continues for a while. When youve got savings in your bank and keep seeing so much on sale in crypto you really need alot of will power not to buy more at these prices!

  6. Foomanlol
    Foomanlol says:

    I have been saying it for weeks. The crypto market chart is CLASSIC bubble chart and everything that has happened points to major bubble. Crazy influx of money, crazy Fomo even on useless projects. Then anytime someone puts out some realistic perspective they are accused of being a FUDster right away. Anything can happen but if nothing very positive happens we are probably heading towards real market valuations, which could easily mean pre-bubble. Then we have a bunch of youtube guys keep talking about the great sales and buying opportunities further pushing the delusion. The market is not dead but its deflating. No sense in hodling everything and losing all your money. If you "dont sell, you never lost" mantra is nonsense and further validates peoples delusions. Eventually when hodlers lose all there gains or their money and finally give up there will be panic selling. It will be tricky to know when to start buying back in but its probably not now.

  7. Adrian inorreta caceres
    Adrian inorreta caceres says:

    Crypto s community is deeply immature and want to make quick gain. Then FUD is eating these dumbasses who bought cryptos with credit. Thank you for making true holders shorting and accumulating. And please stop crying rivers with yo tears

  8. Bertie Camm
    Bertie Camm says:

    All the people who say crypto is bad (during the dips) and will never go anywhere are the feed for the whales. Swim with the whales, not feed them, take profits where you can!

  9. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    The market needs a paradigm shift. It can't keep on buying BTC, ETH and XRP that are just flooding the market with their newly printed coins. When ETH switch to PoS or when EOS comes online, there will be a shitstorm.

    And IOTA is about to get their shit together in some month (3 wallets on the way, data market place and tons of data-usages of the Tangle), and IOTA doesn't have inflation so even a small amount of investment there can skyrocket the token to Mars.

  10. crepecity pancaketown
    crepecity pancaketown says:

    Constuctive criticism: Please speak up. How is it even possible for the volume to get CONTINOUSLY worse with every new video? One would think a content creator's skill would improve or at least stagnate over time. Please and thank you


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