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  1. Justin Dennery
    Justin Dennery says:

    Anyone else been getting Non-ATM fees? I called any tried to get a straight answer, and got nowhere. So I finally flat out asked "are you charging me additional fees for buying cryptocurrencies on my debit card?", answer was YES! I told them to refund all my NON-CASH ATM FEES they stated they couldn't. I vowed to close all accounts tomorrow am! I AM PISSED. How can Jamie Diamon think it's okay to just change the merchant category code (MCC) and add some ridiculous fees? It's my damn debit card, with my hard earned money, not yours!

    If you used Coinbase recently, check out your bank statements to see much your getting robbed. Im closing all accounts and moving to an on-line account with Ally. They also offer a 2% daily return!

  2. Kramer Parker
    Kramer Parker says:

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  3. J Alice
    J Alice says:

    Dear good people,

    Im using one of the best trading platform at the moment, and im looking for friends to join me at the site. Join through my refferal link

    I will once a month donate some btc to random friends who joined through my refferal. Its safe and no scam. Please if you could join i will appreciate it. Thank you so much and have a nice and good day. Greetings.

  4. Leon Rudd
    Leon Rudd says:

    Hi great video Data Dash. I know you like Neo. Have you taken a look at Echo Link, both Neo and Onthology have partners with them. Could be a good investment at 20 cents and they are serving an interesting market.

  5. Eric Walsh
    Eric Walsh says:

    Hey DataDash I love your content normally but feel like you're kinda dropping the ball lately as far as your YouTube channel… maybe post some more updates here! I know you're having fun on your tour but some of us have grown very fond of your daily content… just a suggestion!


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