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  1. Andrea Bunckenburg
    Andrea Bunckenburg says:

    Hi, thanks for all your videos. just posting this to see if you can explain whats going wrong for me. I have been trading a month on Binance, and now have noticed a problem. I have been buying then listing the coins to sell at limit straight away, with my percentage of profit I want added on. So basically set it and forget it. However some coins sell but then I find some have gone above my limit sell price and did not sell? I have tried yesterday to use the Stop/limit on Binance and find yet again over the past 12 hours, my sell price has been exceeded, and my coins did not sell. Really confused as to why some just sell fine and others have been sitting unsold for 8 days, even though the limit sell price I put on them has gone way higher. Help….
    -for example using a limit sell order for qtum – I put a price of 34026 on it, when I checked it this morning the last 12 hours it reached 36615 but mine did not sell.
    does that mean if no body had a buy order for exactly 34026 then mine would not sell ? I would have thought mine would sell once 34026 was reached or surpassed. thanks heaps.

  2. Hiring Now
    Hiring Now says:

    I watched your youtube vid where you said "don't use coinbase (to buy or sell), use GDAX (owned by coinbase) instead, since coinbase charges 1.5% fee on cash transactions or 3.9% on credit card purchases"…  Fine.  You made that point for 90% of the vid, then, in the last minute of the vid, you say (very quickly) "I suggest you open your account on coinbase, then you can transfer money to (buy or sell) on GDAX"….Huh??   Am I the only one to think that sounds contradictory???

  3. The Outlaw Preacher
    The Outlaw Preacher says:

    Binance did an awesome job of communicating the problem, plus reducing fees 70%. What do these guys have to do to make the whiners happy? Shit, I waited a month for Bittrex to release ARDR back to action and little or NO communication. Binance is a hell of alot better in that aspect.


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