In this rapid-fire altcoin update, Billy will take a look at the latest from #Chainlink, #Electroneum, #TomoChain, Fantom, and High-performance blockchain HPB.
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  1. Liridon39
    Liridon39 says:

    its 68% btc dominance and still FANTOMCOIN its holding like a raid boss. Imagine when the bull run happens u wont be able to buy under 600-700 satoshis ever. stock up now while u can , its ur last opportunity to make money in the future. Remember when ADA came , 24B invested like np in bullrun, fantom only needs 1.8B and it will happen later for sure, i bet the next bull run will go even higher with trillions, this coin have potential to go 2-3$ easly. Its now your chance to be a millionare. Dont miss it mark my words!

  2. Sam Chaudhary
    Sam Chaudhary says:

    Fantom foundation ($ftm).
    The world first dag with smart contract and proof of staking.
    1. Main net launching in Q3.

    2. Partnerships with Binance Chain for cross chain multi asset management .

    3. Upcoming Partnerships with Dubai governments for smart city implementation by 2022.

    4. COTI Partnership.

  3. chrisybanks
    chrisybanks says:

    I have the electroneum M1 its awesome for the price, but its really made for people in the developing world. You guys have no idea what electroneum is gonna announce soon and in the second half of the year. HOLD STRONG if you have some, awesome time to buy also.

  4. Dr Shepard
    Dr Shepard says:

    Hpb and ETN both have actual products and use cases. I have been following Electroneum alot and they are working hard delivering their entire ecosystem. The gig economy will be huge when it comes out.

  5. Josef Dicarlo
    Josef Dicarlo says:

    Nice video! Which altcoins do you recommend to buy now? 🤔 I’ve got an insight that ASG ( Asgard )on p2pb2b exchange will grow drastically soon, I’m thinking of entering before it’s too late 😈

  6. Jordan Fayter
    Jordan Fayter says:

    Phoneum they are still in beta working on building their own blockchain to migrate from their ethereum token they got an beautiful app like electroneum plus games that my 3 year old nephew loves to play with me I highly recommend checking them out their team is amazing with what they're building/how fast they put stuff out and the games are fun way to earn crypto

  7. Bitcoin Unlimited Crypto
    Bitcoin Unlimited Crypto says:

    Hi, love your videos but would love to see you talk more about DigiByte. They have technology that is used TODAY. Not tomorrow. Digi-ID, DigiAssets, MultiAlgo, MultiShield, Dandelion, OdoCrypt. It is really underrated and it didn't have an ICO, barely a Pre-Mine. It is run by the community and is truly decentralized. I make videos for them in my spare time and they are AWESOME! The coin WILL be in the top 10 in the next year or two years MAX. I'd love to talk more with you if you have a chance. Keep up the good work. -Amon

  8. DigitSpin Crypto
    DigitSpin Crypto says:

    I did a Live unboxing of the Electroneum M1 Phone:
    Not bad for the price. Its not a flagship phone but great for certain areas.
    Of course you can still run the Electroneum app on your existing phone too…
    They will be making a North American Version which will work with our newer frequencies. WIFI interaction works great.

  9. THE R J
    THE R J says:

    Electroneum reminds me so much like xrp, when xrp was $0.006. Electroneum, doing so much more than other projects, and the price not reflecting that. At some time, it will.


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