Could Vertcoin Be The next Litecoin? With Privacy, SegWit, Lightning Network, this cryptocurrency is poised to make a major impact in the cryptocurrency market.


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  1. Yoshi Lan the Sage
    Yoshi Lan the Sage says:

    I can see where you draw the silver analogy from. I like that it has a finite supply of 84,000,000. So basically 4x the number of bitcoin, but also available to the masses, which means it has real potential for adoption and high value. It's possible they purposely picked 4x the total supply of bitcoin as their cap. Personally I'm attracted to coins with higher caps, cause there's already bitcoin. Why do I need another coin trying to be bitcoin? Anything less than half a trillion and more than half a billion is something I'd be interested, particularly because I like having a shitton of something I like.

    That said, this coin sounds very interesting, so I'll be taking a closer look at it, even though I'm not big on the name or the logo, but this looks to have serious potential, so I'm not gonna let aesthetics get in the way, lol. And it isn't like they cannot update their look or name, or possibly rebrand, as in the case of Dogecoin Dark. However, with that said, if something more aesthetic and cooler looking and sounding comes along that looks to compete with Vert and Lite, their days could be numbered. Look at Eos for example: absolutely gorgeous, incredibly ambitious, and if they deliver, will create massive, massive momentum which will threaten all existing platforms. They're actively and passively broadcasting a very clear message that they are a serious threat to ALL blockchain platforms. I would definitely pay more attention to Vert with a proper rebranding, cause as far as privacy and currency goes, I'm looking more at Verge right now, which also has questionable aesthetics and a similar name, lmao.

    It might not seem like a big deal, but in a highly competitive future of crypto, the aesthetic value, in conjunction with its functionality and ease of adoption, will play an increasingly important role. The official Polish bank spent $1,000,000 to rebrand for example. Brand and aesthetics are very important. Look at how many cryptos have updated their graphics and aesthetics on their website. It's not so much the "oo la la" factor, as it is, "wow, they gotta be serious to put this much effort and resources toward their branding/website". After all, before customers walk into a store, they're gonna judge it by the storefront, name, or other aesthetic value that would draw them in. The other scenario is, of course, it simply becomes a household name and the community adopts it as a blockchain legacy similar to bitcoin. Bitcoin's really nothing special in aesthetics, but because it was the first bedrock of decentralization and security, it has become the master crypto. We'll see what happens!

  2. Yoshi Lan the Sage
    Yoshi Lan the Sage says:

    What are you speaking into? It's so hard to hear what your saying unless I'm in a quiet room. I have really good earphones and they're barely enough in pubic. Or if you can manually edit the sound on YouTube or a video editor, that would be great 👌

  3. DaggerofLight
    DaggerofLight says:

    I’ve been able scalp Vertcoin 3 times in the last month or so. I’ve got a good little pile free coins. It’s been a day traders dream. I’ll continue to do so and hold all my free coins all the way up. I really think it could take over litecoin.

  4. New Earth Administration
    New Earth Administration says:

    Sold all VTC for Groestlcoin (GRS). In my estimation, its tech is even better than Vert. Pushing 1000% in 6 days and then maintaining an ATH is almost unheard of – usually it'd fly to $1 and then crash to $0.40 or something. GRS is something new entirely – from a different world.

  5. ralph roque
    ralph roque says:

    anything is possible in crypto space. Any crypto currency can be the silver to bitcoin. Litecoin being the silver to bitcoin is just marketing. Its not like in the physical world where theres only 1 fine gold & 1 fine silver. Vertcoin can also be the silver of bitcoin!!


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