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  1. dudebro
    dudebro says:

    Love the vids man. Lots of valuable fundamental analysis. Hey man is there a way to turn the camera the other way so us peasants can see the cool views from your hotel room? hahah

  2. Jae Park
    Jae Park says:

    Jeff is clearly avoiding talking about verge so dont bother asking him! He obviously doesn't like the coin but is too afraid to admit it due to a backlash from the verge community.

  3. Niels k
    Niels k says:

    Pylon tokens looks very awesome a green energy project already in use in homes and shows a steady growth and doing a lot of live converantions atm for the public in al countries

  4. Muhammad Nadeem
    Muhammad Nadeem says:

    HI , Guys, I found a biggest Pump group of 200K member. Join them with your facebook account or Discord.
    They pump any coin more than 150% but with lot of wave in 24 hours you may select the coin and check the CMC chart.

    they did , SNGLS, ICN , DNT , DLT

    it is hell risky also pump group usually do pump for their own benefit but you are smart enough you can get also profit.

    remember if you see a coin already pump more than 80% don't enter better to wait for dump and get benefit from waves as i do the same. visit their website for time counter for next pump. and their telegram channel has more than 81K members.

    Click to join them.

  5. JimmymcGill
    JimmymcGill says:

    Wazzup Jeff. Don't miss out on wanchain dude, this thing is gonna rocket. It's the only ico platform project in the space with privacy protection.
    It might dip to 4 or something(big maybe) but i don't see it going any lower based on there roadmap and community support

  6. MJ K
    MJ K says:

    Likes smashed! Hey Jeff, can we have altcoins comparisons on this channel and may be look into tech behind the altcoins and distinguish the altcoins that are really making progress in terms of real use cases?

  7. Marde Aria
    Marde Aria says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your videos and your efforts, I`ve been following you since last August, I`m base in Malaysia and I am a Forex trader as well around 5 years, I discovered a very interesting coin few weeks ago, "UPTOKEN". I made 150% last night from this coin. the project is amazing. you must go through that coin, I made a video about that :). all the best and good luck.


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