Bitcoin’s price could hit $10,000 this month says analysist. Mattie is also looking at Bittrex delisting 32 cryptocurrencies due to regulatory uncertainty in the US. Chinese and Indian cryptocurrency regulations are also a topic in today’s news video.
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@Mattie, NEWS June 8

Bittrex US to Delist 32 Cryptocurrencies on the 21st of June

Bitcoin (BTC) to Have Strong June, Could Hit $10,000: Analyst

Is Demand from Crypto-Ban China Driving the Bitcoin Price Rally?

Football Club SL Benfica Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

The Reserve Bank of India Denies Knowledge of Draft Bill on Cryptocurrency Ban

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  1. shimmer111
    shimmer111 says:

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  3. Fruit and vegetables
    Fruit and vegetables says:

    I had a dream bitcoin hit 7 million and a strong voice told me in the dream as a image showed me in blocks the number 7 and the word million
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