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  1. Mavis Vermilion
    Mavis Vermilion says:

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    whodat430 says:

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  3. legalblond
    legalblond says:

    Hello Datadash. Very cute btw. I am personally not at all worried about this current gigantic crash in the crypto-word seeing the marketcap going down from almost 170 billion around weeks ago to less than 100 billion right now. I see it as the perfect buying opportunity. I suspect that it is not primarily caused by the actions of China, but mainly by the dumping of cryptos by banks. If it was dumping by the average person who owns crypto's, I would expect a rise in the price of gold and silver, but that does not happen. And banks can not eliminate the blockchain, so prices will come up again. And if it really is the banks doing all this, then we should be glad, because if this is the only or one of the best things banks can come up with to scare the average investor away from cryptos, it shows they are relatively powerless against the crypto-revolution.

  4. Matt Munro
    Matt Munro says:

    Who would have guessed that the very instance of China's government cutting off exchanges the day after you said that would be worst case scenario, would actually happen… Eating crow 10 fold is an understatement IMO. I'm gonna be sick, but I'm also in it for the long haul. Just MIMD boggling to lose thousands in 24hrs!!!! *barf! Who else wants to eat a gun with me? :-

  5. KS
    KS says:

    Thanks for the vids. Just getting into the crypto space but it's already funny seeing people panic. I'm not buying into the noise. Only buying into the coins at these low prices and HOLDING! No need to panic if you're in it for the long run as you said.


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