Do you think bitcoin cash is worth the valuation it’s currently given? Do you think the cashening will happen, and bitcoin cash will rise above the almighty bitcoin? Are you bullish or bearish? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!



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  1. connj67
    connj67 says:

    I like BCH. Larger blocks without all the "bells and whistles". Satoshi originally wanted 32mb blocks… The "core" team wants higher fees and fuller blocks. But this leads to a bad user experience. Next block mined will execute a decrease in mining difficulty and greater profits for BCH miners… bigger blocks lead to lower fees, greater adoption and greater market share.

  2. Randy Walker
    Randy Walker says:

    "Bicoin Cash sort of just kinda took the name of Bitcoin" Really?! It is a direct copy of Bitcoin without the Replace by Fee and has a larger block size. They hardly "kinda took the name" being as though it's about 98% identical.

  3. Conception Rabe
    Conception Rabe says:

    @3:09 Video Starts. This video does explain that South Koreans like Bitcoin Cash. It does not say why. And it defies common sense by stating increased mining activity is raising the price. Huh, more quantity should mean a lower price. So that part explains nothing.

  4. For Eternity
    For Eternity says:

    I rather strongly disagree with the phrase "the coming war with NK". It is by no means forgone conclusion, and in fact, given its history, most likely "the not to be coming war with NK"…

  5. Mark Magill
    Mark Magill says:

    Hard Forks should have never been permitted in the Bitcoin protocol. The longest blockchain should remain. Hard forks should be orphaned and be banned from the largest exchanges. Hard forks are copies/counterfeits that remind me of fiat currency – Garbage!

  6. Robert Berman
    Robert Berman says:

    I believe that the miners need to truly ask themselves this question. Is what their doing about getting rich or is it about the longevity of the structure of our world?

    Bitcoin basics is the foundation of a new world. The bankers elite are doing the same thing that they do to countries before they move in and take everything. They create a situation whereby two parties begin attacking each other and after all the foundations have collapsed on both sides. They then move in and take Over. This has been going on for hundreds of years.

    Of course the dollars are attractive on your investment but what is the bigger picture here?

    I believe that one coin is the way to go and to truly get away from the continuous slave driven society we have been subjected to live within for such a long time.

    I believe in Bitcoin

    PHILIP EVANS says:

    100% bull on BCH . basic arithmetic holds the main answer . add to that fears about Segwit and low transaction fees . BTC is heading for trouble . Buy BCH now and sell or hold BCH at parity with BTC

  8. -ED- Bitcoin SV Channel
    -ED- Bitcoin SV Channel says:

    Most people still get Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash wrong. If one actually understands the concept and principles of original Bitcoin, one that Satoshi created before bought out Core developers started changing for the worse (and on purpose) then one would realise that Bitcoin Core is no longer a decentralised system, and that Core are destroying its decentralisation on purpose as they are working for Blockstream corporation and are doing everything possible (using lies and propaganda and all kinds of dirty tricks) in order to create privately owned and controlled code of 3rd party payment channels, called Lighting Network, which Blockstream own.

    SegWit is nothing but a Trojan Horse for Bitcoin, and with it, its true nature that Satoshi intended, will die.

    Bitcoin Cash is actual continuation of Satoshi's true free and decentralised P2P payment system, and Bitcoin Cash has proven itself to be much better then Bitcoin Core version. Even when spammed with small transactions, Bitcoin Cash handled it like a champ… one 8MB block and Bob is your uncle.

    So this "so called" pump and dump narrative naturally comes from Core and their propaganda machine, as when their version goes up in price, they call it "market has decided" which obviously they claimed prematurely as they said this only days after the fork, and now when tables are turned and Bitcoin Cash is gaining massive support from all parts of the market, now they want to call it "pump and dump"… and people still don't see they are lying?

    Well I guess that's on them… there are few placed where people can get the other side of the story to see what shit Core and Blockstream really are, those places include r/btc (r/bitcoin is Core side, where there is lot of propaganda and censorship, which should not exist in decentralised and free market system… but it doe, and that should be your first clue) and I also made 2 videos explaining why Bitcoin Cash is the real deal now, why miners need to remain in charge of their own decisions and not have some developers dictating them what they should do. I recommend everyone who wants to be properly informed and not fall for Core propaganda, to watch it.

    Bitcoin will be replaced and it will happen soon… people go into Bitcoin to get a decentralised system and escape the centralised one, not to end up in yet another centralised system which Blockstream and Core are doing their best (and worst) to change Bitcoin into.

    Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin now.

  9. MGTOW & Bitcoin is Freedom
    MGTOW & Bitcoin is Freedom says:

    There's no reason that if Bitcoin cash is displaying a successful resolution of some of the issues that we can't simply update Bitcoin core to match this success..

    I'm thinking that it makes no sense to see minors jumping on bitcoin cash because of its profitability yet the fork occurred because miners didn't see the profitability..

    Bitcoin should be updated to match Bitcoin cash if it is showing a successful transition and this could actually help us in a way reunite Bitcoin

  10. Nihal Bhat
    Nihal Bhat says:

    faster transaction, lower fee. even litcoin has this feature. this isnt the reason bitcoin has gone up – bitcoin's gold like characteristics, store of value. this bitcoin cash run is the biggest pump in the history of crypto. Even bitcoin never tripled in a day in 2016, back in its early phase.Agree i will never buy at these valuations. Tripled sudden in a day is too quick for people to jump on.

  11. Steve Mascari
    Steve Mascari says:

    Love your videos Datadash. Great information helping us all champ.I actually bought my first lot of Bitcoin after 1st of August so I didn't get Bcash, due to being a newbie to crypto. If i look at this right, bitcoin cash is like a dividend from Bitcoin and actually thinking of buying another Bitcoin when the price drops, instead of Bitcoin Cash. I'm in it for the long term and not day trading. Hopefully my comments aren't stupid.

  12. Shalom Dunn
    Shalom Dunn says:

    This coin is not just a pump and dump it is the largest pump and dump in the history of blockchain. No developers, one exchange on a product that is similar to windows 95 when windows 10 is coming out. The next generation platforms do not even use miners.

  13. drSerdjo2
    drSerdjo2 says:

    Hi! Im new in all this and you helped me… How do you guys think that 0x will do in the future? They have 300.000.000 cap and they are improving more then 100% atm??? Anyone could help me with that one :D?

  14. Lukas T
    Lukas T says:

    amazing info once again – thank you so much!

    well, I sold all my BCC today right at the peak of 800€. glad I did and going to reinvest into altcoins again.
    I just don't see the potential of BCC.

  15. john p
    john p says:

    when BCC came out on the 2nd of august it shot up to $1300 in the first 4 hours. Then it faded back down to about $300 by the next morning. Bittrex matched sato for sato for any BTC you had in you Bittrex wallet.


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