This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. In this round of news we look at Verge and Wraith Protocol along with Embercoin and the top coins for 2017.


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  1. David Gardner
    David Gardner says:

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  3. Michael Douglas Beatty
    Michael Douglas Beatty says:

    Having said that, we are almost ready to bail on Verge. It appears as though it is nothing more than a pump and dump. Charts don't lie. People do.
    Of all the coins that have moved during this past bullish move, why didn't Verge follow suit? The market knows.

  4. Violeta Donner
    Violeta Donner says:

    Heres the deal on Verge. Wayyyyy to many uninformed investors who have no idea what their own goals are and are not firm in their convictions, run to the hills when someone says BOO! If they would actually take time, research they would buy and hold this coin.

  5. Nick Tubby
    Nick Tubby says:

    I like your videos but damn you trail off a lot. I feel like half your time is spent talking about ember coin, which has its own video.
    Also almost no actual news, this is a ridealong discovery video. Please separate this video into two or even three things. Do a five minute news or entire recap of the day video. Do a five minute video of where you just scroll through coins and discover new ones and go completely off script. Then make a five minute video where you take about actual coins. Ember, verge, cardano, whatever, pick a few and talk about only that.
    Maybe it's just me?


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