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  1. IncognitoE
    IncognitoE says:

    May be a dumb question, hoping this great community can help. I'm eyeing some altcoin positions and have been waiting for a dip in btc to convert some fiat I have on the sidelines. Since altcoins are sort of tethered inversely to the value of btc, is it best to bite the bullet and buy bitcoin even though its high to immediately convert to alts that are discounted, or wait to buy the btc dip and risk paying less for btc, but more for the alts when they inevitably bounce back? Does it make a difference?

  2. Dan
    Dan says:

    Altcoins take the lead.. YEA RIGHT 🙁 I lost 30% Bitcoin value on Ripple. At this moment truly the only way to make good outside Bitcoin is to speculate ripples in price action, day trade.

    Altcoins are tanking hard every time Bitcoin goes up and when the market is collapsing.

    On the 24th, one day before Bitcoin Gold, that may be a good moment to speculate a massive return to altcoins, that is when Ethereum spiked one day before bitcoin cash would have been time to buy.

  3. Paolo Lombardo
    Paolo Lombardo says:

    Noob question. What wallet is good for storing these small cap coins (vert, sub, nav, etc.) online. I know myetherwallet is for erc20 tokens but is there anywhere safe to hold other coins not support on myetherwallet? I know coinbase holds btc and ltc. But what about everything else? sorry for the stupid question just don't want to leave it on the exchanges. Thanks

  4. Matt Vieten
    Matt Vieten says:

    Substratum is such a great project – thank you for showing it off because I don't think I would have found it otherwise. Has a serious team that cares about investors and that's needed in this crypto world

  5. Joe Bobby
    Joe Bobby says:

    I bought some vtc when it was .98 cents. And added some more after it had pumped to $1.50. It's since hit 2.20 yesterday. So I'm looking really good. I'll be watching it so I can take profits I'm thinking around 3.00 then wait for a pull back and strengthen my position. But I will anaylise it at that point to see if there is more to be had. It was 5 percent of my portfolio it is now 10percent. I'm holding alot of bags. I hope your right about the altcoin run as I am holding TenX, maid safe, factom, omisego and Verge at a loss. Vertcoin and qtum and neo have treated me nicely.

  6. Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh says:

    Hey NICK ! could you please cover SPECTRE ICO which is going to start it's crowdfunding sale on 27th october 2017? Heard a lot about it by youtubers but for me you are the best one and i am a huge fan of yours. If you suggest SPECTRE i will go for it else not. Thanks 🙂


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