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  1. Marco Nondetju
    Marco Nondetju says:

    Im a poor guy who made the wrong wrong mistakes in crypto and i cant fund a second try.. If anyone has a spare dollar my btc adress is: 1DoucRQAtxCsW8koMQzuQyoYASTSk1aXJp i dont expect something.. But if there is, wow u guys made my day

  2. Game over
    Game over says:

    Who will help me in my mother 's surgery and I will never forget his
    Whoever does not want does not say anything because I am serious in my words

  3. Fen agle
    Fen agle says:

    You say you've been right a lot of the time. I'm not going to say I've been following you, so I don't really know. I will be getting these courses from you. I think it'd be a cool video if you did a review of your speculations, to see and reflect/comment on how you did.

  4. Korkut Yavuz
    Korkut Yavuz says:

    Hi, I actually bought the training and here is my observation. Note that out of respect I will not share the name of the coin.
    – The training itself is actually a series of short videos that touch upon the most important aspects of investing in alt coins. You can find the same information from other videos on youtube, but it would take much longer.
    – He is a good speaker, easy to listen to without getting bored.
    – His arguments for the 'said coin' actually make sense.

    Yesterday and today I made several transactions to sell some adex and bitcoin to by 1000USD worth of 'said coin' from 0.89… now it is 1.22, so even in 24 hours it paid off. But I will not sell, just keep holding it until the very end – since holding it also has its rewards. But you need to watch the video for a better explanation from the guy himself.

    So, I will continue to follow this Suppoman guy and the 'said coin'.

    I know this is a gamble, and 24 hours means nothing. But I feel really good about it.

    So, fingers crossed.


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