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  1. Venus flytraps
    Venus flytraps says:

    Vertcoin is a diamond of a coin. Its dev-team is very skilled and innovative what you see it you take a look on early SegWit implementation and Atomic Swaps development. Vertcoin always works together with Litecoin to build a future partnership.

  2. tomer ramos
    tomer ramos says:

    I lost close to $ 1000 because of the atrium in the last three days.
    I'm afraid my wife will find out, she'll throw me into the street. I retire
    I would appreciate if you can help me minimize damage and donate
    BTC — 1ETL2PBBJmpcPxsuC56gx4i6VjeQ3T4khh
    LTC — LUi4zke3nJ2K4gog2qpVQ75hvLcvhHLeq3

  3. sabin jiji
    sabin jiji says:

    People makes jokes with dogecoin but one day dogecoin will make joke abt them. Did you know you can buy a parking with dogecoin at the airport of Denver? Do you know you can buy stuff online using dogecoin? Google it and thank me later.

    APSINGH says:

    where to store all currencies safely
    are web wallets safe?????????????????????????
    offline wallets like ledger nano s/ trezor??????

    plz guide us right
    where u prefer and store ur coins


  5. HRLD
    HRLD says:

    Lol I got steem at 9k sats. Sold at 30K.
    Got ethereum at $13. Sold at $30(current BTC value ~$60).

    Probably the worst decisions in my life…

    I'm so bad at day trading that I'm just gonna stick to hodling long term lol


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