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31 replies
  1. Coin Master
    Coin Master says:

    It seems crypto is changing and master nodes are the way to go, to create that residual income. The problem is knowing which ones to buy. What do you think of ION / ionomy master nodes? Is it too late to get involved in this project?

  2. Onyemaechi Obi
    Onyemaechi Obi says:

    HI BROTHER AM JUST NEW IN CRYPTOCURRENCY If i may ask, is MyEtherwallet the best wallet to save tokens and coins?..AND again i also want to invest into Masternode..please i want to know the best coins to invest on masternode

  3. Craig de Morton
    Craig de Morton says:

    Yeah look now… Chain coin $1.24.. Problem with these coins is they offer no real use or utility. Once these coins rise we are at risk of the developers pulling all profits leaving us with nothing.

  4. Jordan Marshall
    Jordan Marshall says:

    Linda*** It's a privacy coin which are going to be huge this year, a DASH clone! They are saying the target is 1500 sats, this coin is going up 100% a day every day the last few days! Get it while you can. POS too, pays dividends just holding it! Linda is such a pretty name. Good luck guys.

  5. N1NJ4lVl4573l2
    N1NJ4lVl4573l2 says:

    The way you talk makes your videos unwatchable. I believe you have good things to say, but I don't understand why you can't just talk in a normal tone of voice. This seems to be a trend with youtubers. You don't have to all talk like spastic PewDiePie

  6. Pete Ewer
    Pete Ewer says:

    Suppo kinda off topic but I'm curious what you use to keep track of all your investments? I have a huge problem writing it all down and keeping track of what I sold and bought


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