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  1. Above & Beyond Vapor
    Above & Beyond Vapor says:

    He could have a LOT MORE than one million bitcoin. 1 million associated with his first wallets. It seems likely he mined bitcoin ie bought bitcoin with other wallets later. Why would the inventor hmbe hodling 1 million bitcoin and choose to stay poor? Why is that a common assumption? He almost certainly set up different wallets and mined a huge number in the and cashed out to some degree in my opinion.

  2. Kiwi AustEcon
    Kiwi AustEcon says:

    I am not interested in who satoshi is. What's he going to do?? Use his money to invest and make more money?? fight back against the state and actually defend himself with other libertarians?? Leave him alone. He's not a government. Nothing to fear. Unless he cooperates with government. That would be bad.

  3. Michael Heitz
    Michael Heitz says:

    I agree, for now the longer the bear market, the better as I can buy any cryptos for so cheap and then for some have millions of them… This mean on long term if only they rise to $1, I'm already millionaire! Do not forget this saying "it's when the blood are in the street that you can make so much money"…

  4. Gang Dr Chen
    Gang Dr Chen says:

    ooleda, a patent technology, is a much stronger contender of blockchain. I'm thinking of developing a system to replace swift and ripple using ooleda technology. Is anyone interested in participating? Or see Dr Gang Chen's LinkedIn profile for more information regarding ooleda technology

  5. OlZimmi OlZimmi
    OlZimmi OlZimmi says:

    So they are doing something btc already did but stopped because it is not the best method? Hmmm. Cool. Sounds more like they are just looking for anyway to pump the price. It will only end badly so, cool.

  6. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    Wow. Very informative… Din't consider the fact Satoshi owned 5% of btc… Also respect your position to talk about "good tech," despite public opinion on their "ethics", etc. Helps me trust your opinion more (unless, that is, you were somehow compensated by BCH for your efforts… )

  7. rrpprp
    rrpprp says:

    "The most important thing S. Nakamoto ever did was to disappear, the second most important thing was to invent Bitcoin" (Andreas M. Antonopoulos).

    Governments love to control us and hate our privacy. Look at what they did to people like Phil Zimmermann (the guy who invented pretty good privacy), Moxie Marlinspike (Signal messanger) etc etc etc, multiply that by 100 and you get an idea of what they would do to Nakamoto and his/her/their BTC (…and, thus, the whole currency in terms of price manipulations etc) as soon as they get hold of him/her/them.


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